5 Reminders If You Haven’t Gotten Closure

5 Reminders If You Haven’t Gotten Closure From Your Last Love

Sometimes, reaching out to them will do more harm than good.

Even though you want closure over the relationship, you have to ask yourself whether it would be productive to text this person or sit down and have a conversation with this person. If you can’t speak to each other without screaming, or if they make you feel like you’re in any sort of danger, then it’s not worth reaching out to them again. Move on without answers. Even though the questions might keep you up at night, eventually you’ll learn to accept the unknown. You’ll make peace with the situation. As curious as you are, it’s entirely possible to move on without closure.

Sometimes, there isn’t a concrete reason why the relationship ended.

Even if you end up sitting down and having a conversation, your ex might not have answers to your questions. They might not have a good excuse for treating you the way they did. They might not be able to clear up your confusion. Or they might lie in order to make themselves look good, or in order to spare your feelings. No matter how hard you try, you might not have all your questions answered. Unfortunately, shit happens. Hearts break. Maybe it doesn’t matter why your relationship ended. Maybe the only thing that matters is that it was the wrong relationship. And now, you have the chance to move onto something better.

Your heart is going to heal either way.

Whether you learn the details or not, you’re going to get over them. Right now, that might feel impossible, but your heartache can’t last forever. One day, you’re going to wake up without them – and you’ll actually be happy about it. You’ll be relieved that they’re no longer in your world because they weren’t a good fit for you. They weren’t what you needed, even though you might have thought they were at the time. Remember, whether you get closure or not, the days are going to continue to pass. Your heart is going to continue to heal.

Getting closure won’t change your world as much as you think.

Even if you get closure, at the end of the day, you’re still going to be heartbroken. You’re still going to be single. You’re still going to have to move on from them. Closure isn’t some magical cure that will make it easier for you to live without them. Even though there’s nothing wrong with having questions and hoping for answers, try to understand that closure might not make you feel as good as you think.

You’re going to be okay.

In case no one has told you this today, you’re going to be okay. You are strong enough to overcome this heartbreak. You are resilient enough to make it through the week, the month, the year. You might stumble and fall, you might cry a thousand tears, but you’re going to be okay in the end. This heartbreak hasn’t broken you as much as you think.