5 Signs That Your Love Life Is Going To Be Perfectly Fine

5 Signs That Your Love Life Is Going To Be Perfectly Fine

Even though you might be heartbroken right now, that doesn’t mean you’re going to feel this way forever. And it doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. If you can relate to the feelings on this list, then your love life is going to be perfectly fine.

You’ve stopped pretending to be heartless and have gotten comfortable speaking from the heart.

You don’t bottle up your emotions and pick fights in order to push others away anymore. You’ve grown to appreciate your soft heart. You’ve stopped being mad at yourself for how much you care and have realized that it’s actually a good thing. It’s a sign you’re going to be honest and loyal once you find the right person. You’re going to tell them how you feel and make sure they know exactly how much they mean to you. You aren’t going to let the moment pass without expressing your feelings for them.

You’ve stopped settling for less than you deserve.

In the past, you might have stuck around certain people longer than they deserved. However, you’ve grown from your experiences. You’re no longer interested in forcing yourself into situations that make you uncomfortable. If someone treats you disrespectfully, you aren’t going to stand there and take it. You aren’t going to convince yourself you deserve their mistreatment. You’re going to stand up for yourself or simply walk away. Your standards are higher than they’ve ever been, so you aren’t going to end up in a relationship that hurts you.  

You are growing more comfortable with the idea of leaving your comfort zone.

You understand that if you stick to a rigid routine, nothing is going to change. If you want to change your life, then you need to play an active role. You can’t sit around and wait for the perfect person to introduce themselves to you. If you see an opportunity to get closer to someone who intrigues you, then you’re going to take it. Even though the possibility of rejection is scary, you understand that it’s a part of life. Everyone deals with it from time to time. And you aren’t going to allow your fear to stop you from chasing after what you really want.

You’ve started caring less and less about what other people think.

You don’t want a relationship in order to impress your Instagram followers or to make your ex jealous. You only want a relationship if the other person truly makes you happy. You couldn’t care less about what other people have to say about your life choices. As long as you’re making decisions that bring you satisfaction, then you feel like you’re on the right path.

You’re comfortable on your own.

Even though you might want a serious relationship one day, you’re okay if it takes some time to get there. You don’t need another person to feel fulfilled. You know that you have value, whether you’re single or part of a couple. Even though you might get lonely here and there, overall, you’re pretty comfortable with your own company. You like the person you’re becoming.