5 Signs Your Friend Is Actually Your Foe

You know how the saying goes: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Most girls understand this concept because I think we’re the ones who invented it. If you clicked on this article, then you’re probably in a friendship that you’re unsure about. You might find yourself wondering, Is this chick my friend or is she secretly plotting against me? There is no way of knowing for sure what your friend’s intentions are towards you unless you ask her directly (and even if you do she’ll probably lie about it). My guess is that if you have to ask, then you already know the answer. If you don’t wanna face the issue head-on, then look out for these signs that could reveal an enemy in disguise.

1. She’s Partly Sunny

Your friend is always throwing a little shade when it comes to you. Instead of being a supportive friend, she always finds a way to make a negative comment on your life, whether it’s about your job, your weight, or your love life. No matter what it is, she is always there to remind you that you’re not so perfect. She’s like the little devil on your shoulder, except you can’t wish her away.

2. She Dates Your Exes

All’s fair in love and war right? Wrong. Any girl can tell you that it goes against “the rules of feminism” (from Gretchen Weiners) to date your friend’s exes. Trust me, your friend knows this. Before you try to make a lame excuse for her behavior, remember: She knows, and she doesn’t care. Girlfriend just loves your sloppy seconds. Dating your exes is how she tries to get one up on you (or she could secretly be in love with you, but that’s a whole other article). It gives her a sense of power in the friendship. So don’t let her know that it bothers you if it does.

3. She’s Your “Best Friend In The Whole Wide World”

Fake people always have something to prove. Your fake friend makes sure that everyone (including you) knows how much she “LOVES” you. She always calls you her “bestie” and you two don’t even have emojis by each other’s names in your phones. Your friend is trying to prove her loyalty to you so that you don’t suspect her secret hate towards you. It’s actually killing her to be nice to you. In the end, it hurts her more than it hurts you, so let her be.

4. She Acts Different Around Other People

When you get around her other friends, the vibe is aways off. Don’t think you’re being crazy, because vibes don’t lie. It’s because she talks about you behind your back. She’s filled her other friends’ heads up with propaganda about you to make you the bad guy. She’s no longer the only frenemy because now she’s convinced them all to secretly hate you. She has an army of skanks to support her in her plot against you.

5. She Can Only Fake It For So Long

Much like bad sex, faking it gets old. At some point, you’re going to need a break. You and she are always breaking up and making up. She always finds a reason to be mad at you. Deep down, everything you do irritates her because she’s not your real friend. She grows tired from all the lies and has to reboot for her next evil plan.

Now that you know if your friend is really your foe, the power is back in your hands. How you handle the situation after reading this is totally your call. You can play the game back with her or you might decide that you want nothing else to do with her. The latter is the mature thing to do, but it might be fun to pull a her on her. Whatever you choose, just know that she doesn’t deserve your friendship. There are real friends out there just waiting to have sleepovers and get pedicures together. Go find those girls.