5 Signs You’re Growing As A Human

5 Signs You’re Growing As A Human

You’ve lost family members and friends because you set new boundaries.

These people might feel like you were being unreasonable. They might have accused you of changing because you started to develop standards. They might not understand why you had to walk away from them – but you were doing the right thing. Although it might be upsetting that they’re no longer in your life, it’s a good thing that you started advocating for yourself. You should never let others disrespect you or take advantage of your kind heart. You should be proud that you’ve weeded out the people who treat you poorly and are only reserving space for those who treat you right.

You look back on your mistakes and cringe.

You shouldn’t be mad at the old-you for making mistakes. You didn’t know any better at the time. Now, you can look back on the situation with a fresh perspective. You have more knowledge today than you did at the time. Even though it might feel uncomfortable to think about what kind of person you used to be, you should be happy that you’ve grown into someone who can see what needs to change. You should be proud that you didn’t stay exactly the same throughout all these years.

Your dreams have started to shift.

When you were younger, you imagined your world would look a certain way. As you’ve grown, that vision has started to change. Maybe you want to pursue a completely different career path than you originally planned. Or maybe you have different thoughts about marriage and children now than you did when you were young. Either way, you shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving old dreams behind in order to chase after new dreams. Switching paths doesn’t make you a failure. It’s a sign you’re flexible. You know what you want. And you’re gradually growing into the person you were always meant to become.   

You’re honest with your emotions.

Instead of running from your complex thoughts, you examine them. You allow your feelings to consume you. Instead of pushing away sadness to appear strong, you recognize that there’s nothing weak about shedding tears. Instead of pushing away happiness out of fear it won’t last, you enjoy every moment with abandon. You understand that your feelings are valid. You give them the space they deserve. Not only are you more honest with the people around you, but you’re more honest with yourself.

You’ve struggled with your baggage.

You’re an imperfect human, just like everyone else on this planet. The difference between maturity and immaturity is whether or not you recognize your toxic traits and work on changing them. Even though you might hate your baggage, you should be relieved that you can see it. You’re not ignoring it. You’re not throwing the blame wherever it will stick. You’re accepting that, yes, you have areas you need to work on. You’re deciding that, no, you won’t settle for a mediocre existence. You are going to thrive. You are going to keep growing each and every day because you understand you’re a work in progress.