5 Things That Shouldn't Change When You Switch From 'Girlfriend' To 'Wife'
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5 Things That Shouldn’t Change When You Switch From ‘Girlfriend’ To ‘Wife’

When you marry your person, nothing should really change between the two of you. Your person shouldn’t stop putting in as much effort, simply because they feel like you aren’t going anywhere, because they feel like you’ve made a commitment you’re going to stick to no matter what. Here are a few things that shouldn’t change when you make the move from a girlfriend to a wife:

You should still take each other out on dates.

You don’t want date night to disappear, just because you’re married now. It’s important to continue spending quality time together. Even though you’ll see each other around the house and eat together at the dinner table, that’s not the same as setting plans, getting dressed up, and going out on the town together. You never want to stop dating each other, even long after you’re married.

You should still express your love for each other.

Since you’re married, you obviously know this person cares about you. You know they love you. But that doesn’t mean they can suddenly stop saying those three little words. You should still be vocalizing your feelings for each other, giving out compliments, and making each other feel wanted. Knowing that they care isn’t the same as hearing it aloud, so neither of you should go silent about your love.

You should still show appreciation for the little things.

It’s easier to take someone for granted after you’re married because you’ve grown used to the way they treat you. Coming home to a clean house or getting cooked a delicious meal isn’t anything new to you because they’ve done this a million times before. But that doesn’t mean it stops being special. That doesn’t mean you should stop saying thank you. A little appreciation goes a long way, so don’t let your partner feel like their love and attention are being taken for granted. Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed.

You should still have fun together.

Marriage isn’t always fun and games. It can be hard work. There are real life issues you’ll have to face together. There are responsibilities you’ll have to handle each and every day. But just because you’re older now, and committed to each other now, doesn’t mean the puppy love stage has to disappear completely. You should still make an effort to have fun together. Laugh with each other. Bond with each other. Remember that you’re not just roommates or teammates. You’re lovers. You’re friends.

You should still experience firsts together.

You had your first kiss and first date a long time ago — but there are still plenty of new things you can try together, new places you can visit, new activities you can test out. Even though it’s easy to get trapped in a routine, don’t let your interactions get reduced to can you take the trash out for me and how was work today? Don’t let your relationship grow too repetitive. Every once in a while, go out and try a new restaurant. A new vacation spot. A new make-out spot. Whatever works for you.