5 Types Of People Who Will Make Your Trust Issues Worse

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5 Types Of People Who Will Make Your Trust Issues Worse

People who refuse to tell you the full story.

If someone refuses to give you a direct answer whenever you ask question, you’re never going to know what to think. There’s a time and a place to joke around in a relationship. If you’re waiting for a serious answer and this person keeps dodging the question or giving you fake ‘funny’ answers, then you’re going to have a hard time trusting them. You’re going to wonder why it’s so hard to have a simple conversation, whether they are hiding something from you or are playing games with you.

People who are sneaky with their phone.

Your partner doesn’t have to give you details about every single message they send, but if they’re staring at a phone during your date and won’t explain who is on the other side, or if they leave the room to take a phone call and think you’re overstepping by casually asking who they were talking to, then the relationship could end up making your trust issues worse. You need someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, big or small. Someone who keeps you in the loop so you feel comfortable, especially when they know about your trust issues.

People who have cheated on you in the past.

Sometimes, people change. Sometimes, couples are able to overcome what they went through in the past and come out stronger. Other times, old problems will continue to snowball into new problems. If you aren’t able to forgive and forget, then you probably shouldn’t stay with someone who has hurt you before. You know how much your heart can handle. If being with this person brings out your biggest insecurities, if you are questioning every move they make because you can’t trust them even a little, then you’re better off with someone new who hasn’t brought you so much pain.

People who tell little white lies all the time.

If they’re able to lie to you about the little things then they can lie about bigger things. If you’re with such a good liar that you aren’t able to trust a word that comes out of their mouth, there’s no reason to stay. Even if they are being honest with you, the fact that you’re so worried about them lying means that the trust isn’t there. If this is something you deal with no matter who you’re dating, then you can work toward trusting them. But if you are only doubting them specifically because of their unreasonable behavior, you might want to leave.

People who don’t trust you.

If your partner is always doubting your stories and accusing you of lying, the relationship is going to suffer. You both need to trust each other if you want to work as a couple. If you’ve done everything you can to convince them that you would never hurt them and they’re still throwing blame at you, then their fear might rub off on you. You might start worrying that they’re deflecting and they’re the one who is being disloyal.