Jens Johnsson

5 Ways To Deal With Your Uncertainty About The Future

We all deal with uncertainty, but we don’t often talk about it. It can be a scary thing to think about, especially when you’re trying to plan your life. But it’s important to understand that uncertainty is part of life, and if you can learn to embrace it, then you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Uncertainty is a fact of life. It’s inevitable, but it doesn’t need to be paralyzing. The uncertainty of the future can cause us to lose faith in ourselves and our abilities. But you can regain your confidence by being open to new possibilities, finding your path, and being patient and kind with yourself when you don’t know what comes next.

Here are 5 ways to deal with uncertainty:

1. Be open to new possibilities

When we’re uncertain about what comes next, it’s easy to fall into old patterns and habits that may not be right for us anymore (or ever). If you find yourself stuck or unhappy with your current situation, stop looking back at what was and start thinking about what could be.

2. Find your path

Uncertainty can lead us down many paths before we find the one that feels right for us. This process can take years—even decades—so don’t expect immediate results just because you decide to change something about your life. Focus on small steps instead of big goals so that every step is meaningful instead of stressful or overwhelming.

3. Be patient with yourself

It’s easy to give up when things get hard or confusing, but sticking with something through the tough times will help build up your patience. We all have to deal with uncertainty. It’s one of the most difficult things we face in life, especially when it comes to our careers.

It may feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, going nowhere fast. You’ve got a job that feels like it’s not right for you and every day you wonder if anything will change. This is what I call being stuck in a career rut. It’s easy to get into this state of mind if your job is boring or unfulfilling, but there are ways to pull yourself out of it and find happiness at work again.

4. Have faith

The first step is having faith that something better will come along when the time is right, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet. The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes things happen in unexpected ways, so don’t worry about finding something else just yet—instead, trust that things will work out in their own time.

5. Be open

Another important factor is being open about wanting more from your life, so that when opportunities arise you can grab them without hesitation (and without beating yourself up for not seeing them coming).

We are always unsure of how things will turn out. It is only when we have faith that things will turn out okay that we free ourselves from the uncertainty. Trusting in yourself, trusting in the universe, and having faith that everything will be okay is hard. Practicing patience and being open to the unknown is living with uncertainty. 

In the end, life is uncertain—but that shouldn’t stop us from living.

Every day, your path may change because you chose another direction or you fell off the path completely. And that’s okay. You don’t have to have all the answers to life’s challenges. It helps to ask someone else for help, but there will also be times when you’re alone and have to deal with uncertainty on your own. Don’t be discouraged by this; rather, take comfort in it and love yourself through each challenge as they come along.

Overall, take happiness from each day that comes along, and cherish all of life’s surprises.