5 Zodiacs Who Genuinely Want The Best For Their Ex

5 Zodiacs Who Genuinely Want The Best For Their Ex

Some people cannot stand to hear the name of their ex after the breakup. They want to forget that the past ever happened and they want to be the person who ends up happier. But other zodiacs genuinely care about their exes. They want the best for them. Here are some of those signs:


Cancers are sweethearts. They don’t have a mean bone in their body. If anything, they have worse thoughts about themselves after a breakup than they have about their exes. After all, they aren’t able to turn their love on and off like a faucet. They are always going to care about this person. A part of them is always going to have feelings for this person. Even though there might have been drama between them, a Cancer will always have you in their thoughts. They will always hope that you’re doing well without them.


Libras understand that most relationships are temporary and most people won’t be in their lives forever. They don’t think their exes are horrible people. They simply think that they were a horrible pairing. A Libra could never hate someone they once gave their heart to because they see the beauty in others. They liked this person for a reason. They were in a relationship for a reason. Libras aren’t vindictive or jealous, so they genuinely want the best for their exes. They don’t need to win the breakup. They want to their ex to be happy too.


Virgos are logical creatures. They think with their heads over their hearts, and their head knows that splitting apart was for the best. They know that breaking up wasn’t a bad thing. It was an opportunity for them both to grow and change and live lives that would actually make them happy. Since Virgos are able to look at breakups logically, they sting a little less. After all, Virgos know that they’re so much better off without the wrong person. They know that losing their ex was a good thing – so they have nothing but positive thoughts for those people.


Aquarius don’t think about their exes all that much because they know that the breakup was for the best. They know that they’re better off without this person in their life. However, they wouldn’t cross to the other side of the street if they ran into their ex. They would say hello and be polite. They hope the best for everyone who has been a part of their life at some point because they don’t have it in them to be vindictive. They don’t see the point in holding onto grudges because it only causes themselves pain.


Pisces aren’t going to have an easy time with breakups – but that doesn’t mean that they want their exes to be miserable without them. They want their exes to be happy. They want the breakup to mean something, to happen for a reason. Even though they might be upset now, they know that they’re going to get through the pain. And they would never wish the same pain on anyone else, not even old partners.