5 Zodiacs Who Aren’t Going To Follow Modern Dating Rules

5 Zodiacs Who Refuse To Follow Modern Dating Rules

Some zodiacs will try their best to adhere to modern dating rules so they don’t accidentally chase the right person away. But other signs are a little less interested in playing by the rules. Here are some zodiacs who aren’t going to behave a certain way, just because it’s expected of them:


Aries do what they want when they want. They don’t care if they come across as too intimidating or clingy. They are going to be unapologetically themselves because they wouldn’t want to date someone who expects them to change or pretend they’re someone they’re not. Aries are comfortable being on their own, so if they end up chasing someone away, so be it. They would rather stay single than make themselves miserable by playing by rules that they don’t agree with at all.


Aquarius don’t follow the trends. They don’t care what other people think. They are always one hundred percent themselves and they don’t care if anyone else likes it. After all, Aquarius cannot stand people who are inauthentic. They cannot stand people who say what they think others want to hear. They are drawn to more unique individuals who aren’t like everyone else, who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Aquarius want someone who doesn’t play by the rules, either. Someone who couldn’t care less about what society expects from them.


Capricorns are blunt about their feelings. They aren’t going to follow modern dating rules because those rules don’t make sense to them. They would rather start out a relationship by being honest and open. They don’t see the point in waiting a certain amount of time to text someone or holding back their real feelings to play it cool. Capricorns don’t get attached to many people, so when it happens, they want to hold onto this person. They want this person to know exactly how they feel. They would rather be blunt than dance around the truth because that would waste both of their times.


Libras always speak from the heart. They aren’t happy with the way the world encourages everyone to act heartless, and since they are unafraid of breaking the mold, they always say what’s on their mind. If they have a kind word to share, then they’re going to shout it from the rooftops. They believe it’s important to spread love. It’s important to tell people that they matter, that they are important. There’s too much sadness and chaos in this world, and Libras don’t want to contribute to it. They want to break the cycle.


Sagittarius are risk-takers. They don’t believe in approaching relationships the way everyone else does. They do their own thing. They set their own rules. After all, they are independent. They can think for themselves, and they think it’s better to be honest about their feelings from the start. Mixed signals are only going to complicate things and they don’t have the energy to deal with that. They already have enough on their plate, so they try to keep love simple. When they feel a certain way, they’re honest about it.