5 Zodiacs Who Suck At Texting Back

5 Zodiacs Who Suck At Texting Back


This zodiac sign is a free spirit. They do what they want when they want without worrying about how it will impact others. Since they’re only concerned with doing what feels right in the moment, and couldn’t care less about what society expects from them, they end up ignoring their phone more than most people in the modern world. If they forget to charge it or leave it on silent for a while, they won’t remember to check it. They’re too busy being lost in the moment, enjoying the ‘real world.’ Them not texting back doesn’t mean they’re mad at you or annoyed with you. It simply means they’re worrying about other things.


This sign can be inconsistent, even when they care about you. They are the kings and queens of multitasking, so their mind is in a million places at once. Sometimes, they’ll read a text and get distracted, then completely forget to respond. Sometimes, they might even assume they’ve already responded and think you’re ignoring them. Geminis are busy creatures. They’re always running here and there because there are so many things they want to do at once. If they aren’t answering your texts, if might have genuinely slipped their mind. They’ll get to it eventually.


This sign values genuine connections. They won’t want to answer you when they’re busy with other things because they won’t be able to give you their full, undivided attention. They would rather wait until they’re able to give you the attention you deserve. Plus, they can be perfectionists. They don’t want to say the wrong thing and upset you. They need time to think of the perfect response. They don’t want to rattle off the first thing that pops into their head. They want to say something special.


This sign packs their schedule to the brim. They barely have time to breath, let alone answer text messages. Even though they might read your text and think about how much they miss you, they probably won’t tell you how much they miss you. They’re busy bees, and they don’t want to take a break because they could lose their concentration. Their dreams mean a lot to them, so sometimes they end up ignoring other aspects of their lives in order to complete their goals. Even though you haven’t heard from them in a while, they’ve probably been thinking of you. They’re just clumsy at showing how much they care.


This sign can be hardworking – but they can also be lazy. If your text doesn’t seem urgent, they might ignore it. They figure they can talk to you when they see you in person or schedule a phone call. After all, it’s easier to talk aloud than to write everything out. Plus, they like to stick to a rigid schedule. If they texted you back it would start a long conversation that could mess with their flow. Even though they might feel bad about ignoring your messages, it doesn’t mean they’re going to answer your messages.