Natalie Allen

50 Ways To Win Over A Girl Whose Love Language Is ‘Words Of Affirmation’

1. Congratulate her whenever she accomplishes something, no matter how small.

2. Encourage her when she is feeling self-conscious and doubting herself.

3. Support her in everything she tries to accomplish by cheering her on from the sidelines.

4. Send her random texts, reminding her how much you care about her.

5. Say those three little words as often as possible.

6. Be vocal when you’re in the bedroom, so she knows you’re enjoying yourself.

7. Write something mushy in every single anniversary and birthday card.

8. Leave her notes around the house to remind her how much you love her.

9. Send her romantic songs with lyrics that remind you of your relationship.

10. Text her to let her know when you’ve seen something that reminded you of her.

11. Compliment her on the effort she puts into her appearance.

12. Compliment her on the effort she puts into her work.

13. Let her know you’re on her side whenever she is going through something rough.

14. Answer her texts in detail (instead of giving her one or two word replies).

15. When you screw up, give her an actual apology, explaining what you did wrong and how you’re going to better yourself in the future.

16. Thank her when she does something nice for you.

17. Remind her you believe in her, and that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do.

18. Let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

19. When you’re proud of her, make sure you tell her.

20. If you bragged about her at work or with your friends, let her know about the conversation.

21. Leave hearts on her social media.

22. Leave comments on her social media.

23. Talk to her about the future you want to have with her.

24. When you compliment her, go into as much detail as possible.

25. Quote romantic passages from poems, novels, and movies to her.

26. Tell her how excited you are to see her.

27. Tell her how excited you are to kiss her.

28. Tell her how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with her.

29. Compliment her in front of others, not just in private.

30. Notice (and mention) when she does something different with her hair.

31. Recommend books that remind you of her.

32. Write love songs for her.

33. Text her as soon as you wake up in the morning.

34. Text her right before you fall asleep at night.

35. When you’re apart, take time to talk to her on the phone (or Facetime her).

36. Compliment her cooking.

37. Compliment her music taste.

38. Compliment her style.

39. When she opens up to you, make sure she knows her feelings are valid.

40. Tell her how much she turns you on.

41. Tell her how good she looks in dresses — and sweatpants.

42. Tell her to stop being so hard on herself when she starts to spiral.

43. Never ever say something mean out of spite (because she’ll never forget it).

44. Never ever call her a bitch.

45. Never ever compare her to anyone else.

46. Remind her how much you love her laugh.

47. Remind her how much you love the feel of her skin.

48. Remind her how much you like spending time with her.

49. Remind her she’s your best friend in the world.

50. Remind her you’re with her for a reason and you wouldn’t dream of dating anyone else.