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6 Concrete Signs You’ve Finally Let Them Go

Breaking free from the grip of a past relationship can be a challenging journey, but there are definitive signs that indicate you’ve reached a place of closure, healing, and growth. Here are seven concrete signs that show you’ve finally let them go.

1. You don’t think about them 24/7

When you’ve truly moved on, thoughts of your ex-partner no longer consume your mind every waking moment. You find yourself living in the present, focusing on your own goals, interests, and personal growth rather than dwelling on memories of the past or fabricating false scenarios in your mind. The thought of them might pop in your mind from time to time, but it no longer feels like a heavy weight and instead like a light passing thought.

2. You stop checking their socials or no longer care about what they’re up to

A significant sign of healing is when you no longer feel the urge to check their social media profiles to see what they are doing. Their lifestyle, activities, and experiences become irrelevant to you, or you recognize that their life is no longer intertwined with yours. You no longer have the urge to keep up to date with their calendars or even reach out to them. Instead, you’re focusing on building your own relationships and partaking in new experiences for yourself.

3. You no longer feel triggered when someone brings them up

In the past, hearing their name or any mention of them might have caused a surge of emotions or discomfort. Now you can calmly acknowledge their existence without feeling emotionally affected or stirred. Their name becomes just a combination of letters, devoid of any significant emotional charge.

4. You feel grateful for the time you shared vs. heartbroken over how it ended

Instead of dwelling on the pain of the breakup, you find yourself feeling grateful for the positive experiences and lessons learned during the relationship. You appreciate the growth it brought you, the beautiful moments you shared, and the intimate experiences you had, even if it ultimately ended. You can look back and feel gratitude over the connection you once had and even feel thankful for the tougher moments that provided wisdom.

5. You finally feel excited to meet someone new

One of the most promising signs of moving on is when you start feeling open and enthusiastic about the idea of meeting new people and potentially forming new romantic connections. The fear of comparison to your past partner diminishes as you embrace new opportunities, and you start feeling giddy towards the idea of meeting someone who actually fits what you’re truly looking for and who you deserve.

6. Your heart is open again

When you’ve healed from a past relationship, your heart becomes open to the possibility of love and connection. You no longer guard it with emotional walls or limiting beliefs built from past hurts, allowing yourself to be vulnerable again. You start to notice that you can feel love from all angles (yourself, your family, your friends, strangers, colleagues, a romantic interest), but the source of love comes to you in ways you never thought was possible, simply by opening your heart.

Letting go of someone you once deeply cared for is a process that takes time and self-compassion. Recognizing these six concrete signs is essential to gauge your progress and celebrate the growth you’ve achieved. Embrace your newfound freedom, and remember that moving on is a powerful step towards a brighter future filled with new experiences and genuine happiness.