6 Dating Dealbreakers That Will Scare Away A Taurus
Sebastian Latorre

6 Dating Dealbreakers That Will Scare Away A Taurus

You never make plans in advance.

If you wait until the last second to ask out a Taurus, you’re they’re going to turn you down. After all, they like to stick to a strict schedule. They won’t want to make changes at the last second because they hate surprises and interruptions. This sign simply isn’t comfortable around impulsive, unpredictable people. If you won’t make plans with them ahead of time, you probably won’t see them at all.

You don’t like to repeat yourself.

Taurus need reassurance that you care. They need you to reiterate how much you love them and how happy you are to be with them every single day. If you are going to get annoyed by their constant questions and check ins, then the relationship is going to suffer. Taurus don’t want to annoy you, but they want to know that your feelings haven’t changed. Otherwise, they’re going to overthink and become uncomfortable.

You’re a huge partier.

If going out every weekend is important to you, your expectations are going to clash. After all, Taurus would much rather spend their weekends curled up on the couch than stuck in a crowded, sweaty room with complete strangers. This sign needs a partner who is happy to stay home with them and cuddle while watching movies. If someone needs to drink and dance every night, they probably won’t last with a Taurus. Either one of them will be giving up what they want, or they won’t be spending any time together at all.

You use their stuff without asking for permission.

Taurus are possessive when it comes to their partners – and their belongings. They like to have everything in its place. If something is moved, they are going to notice and they are going to get annoyed. If you want to date a Taurus, you cannot be careless with their things. You need to respect their boundaries. You need to ask them before you borrow their sweatshirts or toothbrush because what’s theirs is theirs.

You move quickly in relationships.

Taurus want to take their time and let a relationship develop organically. Even though they like the idea of a serious relationship, they aren’t in a rush to settle down. They don’t want to skip to the next milestone too early, and they don’t want to feel pressured to move faster than they’re comfortable moving. Taurus need a partner who is patient and understanding. They need someone who is willing to wait as long as it takes for them to get on the same page.

You are addicted to drama.

Taurus cannot stand confrontation. They would rather keep their emotions bottled up than reveal what has been bothering them. But when it’s time to have a tough conversation, Taurus want to be treated gently. They don’t want to get into a screaming match. If you raise your voice at them or disrespect them, they aren’t going to forgive you. They are going to hold a grudge that they might never get over.