6 Dealbreakers That Will Scare Away A Capricorn

6 Dealbreakers That Will Scare Away A Capricorn

You aren’t interested in self-growth.

Capricorns are intelligent, but they’re always interested in learning something new. They understand they are a work in progress and want to become the best version of themselves possible. They expect their partner to feel the same way. They won’t want someone who is set in their ways, who is stubborn in their beliefs, who won’t even try to expand their horizons.

You constantly need to be on the go.

Capricorns are homebodies. They don’t need to spend every second socializing. In fact, parties and clubs don’t really appeal to them. They would much rather spend their evenings at home with the people who mean the most to them than be surrounded by strangers and noise. Capricorns aren’t going to work well with anyone who gets restless easily, who wants to be out every weekend, who can’t sit on the couch and have fun with just the two of them.

You can’t sit with your own thoughts.

Capricorns don’t need to fill every moment of silence. They are perfectly fine sitting in the same room as their partner without speaking. And they enjoy time alone as well. Even though they might dream about settling down, they want to maintain some independence. They want their fair share of space. They don’t want to be tasked with entertaining their partner constantly. Sometimes, they want to do their own thing, even when they’re in the same room.

You are emotionally immature.

Capricorns are old souls. They are mature enough to voice their opinions, to state their expectations, and to show their vulnerabilities — and they need a partner who will do the same. After all, they aren’t going to be able to fix a problem they don’t know exists. Capricorns are logical, so they don’t see the point in playing around when it comes to feelings. They want their partner to be straightforward about their thoughts, so they can make the relationship as strong as possible.

You disapprove of their career path.

Capricorns are hard workers. They put one hundred percent of their effort into everything they do, and they genuinely care about their careers. This sign needs a partner who is going to encourage them to keep going, and who is going to be understanding when they need some time apart to work toward their dreams. If you aren’t going to support their endeavors, then you aren’t going to last as a couple.

You aren’t interested in a serious relationship.

Capricorns want to make a home with someone special. They don’t want to play mind games or get strung along for ages. They want a partner who is just as serious about the relationship as they are. They aren’t going to waste their time with anyone who wants to play the field or who isn’t ready for a relationship right now. They need someone who is ready for a real commitment, someone who is willing to take the relationship seriously and work toward building a happy life together.