6 Early Green Flags You Just Started Dating Your Goddamn Soulmate

Here are six early green flags you just started dating your goddamn soulmate.

1. It felt easy from the very start.

From the moment you met, everything truly felt seamless. There were no mind games, no second guesses, and no drama. If you think about it, your relationship sort of just fell right into place. You never felt like you were forcing conversation or closeness. It all felt very natural, almost like you two were absolutely meant to be.

2. You felt comfortable opening up with each other almost immediately.

It wasn’t hard to learn to trust one another. For some inexplicable reason, you two became each other’s safe spaces from the get-go. You were both able to share your worries, your hopes, and your vulnerabilities with ease. There just seemed to be a mutual understanding that you two were going to have each others’ backs.

3. Your goofy sides came out at day one.

You have a great time being goddamn weirdos together, and this was true from the beginning. You can joke about hypothetical situations for hours on end. You tease each other and are always in tears from laughter at least once while you spend time together. You can’t help it; you just have so much fun with one another.

4. You are already incorporating one another into your futures.

Because you can’t imagine life without each other now that you’ve crossed paths.

5. You two just seem to “get” each other.

You don’t need to come up with long-winded explanations for the things that bother you because they just understand. You don’t need to figure them out because you speak the language of their heart. In other words, you two just get each other and always have.

6. They remind you of coming home.

You know that feeling when you walk in your front door after a long time away and you give that deep exhale of relief that you’re finally back home? Well, that’s how they make you feel, too. There is just this utter sense of safety, warmth, and belonging when it comes to them. They make you feel okay just as you are. And those feelings are very much mutual.