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6 Green Flags You’re Finally In A Healthy Relationship

Here are six green flags you’re finally in a healthy relationship.

1. You enjoy your time apart.

In other words, you feel secure enough in your relationship that you don’t need to abandon your interests, friends, family, career, and life to be with each other. While you both prioritize one another, you both also understand the importance of nurturing other relationships, hobbies, etc. outside of your partnership. You know it’s not healthy to constantly be glued to the hip 24/7 and you don’t want to be.

2. You’re not afraid to be bored together.

You don’t need to constantly be doing the most exciting thing ever in order to enjoy one another’s company. Most of the time, just being together is more than enough. This doesn’t mean that you don’t seek out new experiences or plan dates. It just means that you know that it’s the little things that truly matter most and what will ultimately bring you two the closest.

3. You fight right.

You don’t shy away from disagreements because you know that some level of conflict is healthy in a relationship. After all, bridging together two separate lives is bound to occasionally be met with some growing pains. You both know how to fight right, however, and focus on the goal of resolution and compromise.

4. You’re both committed to personal growth.

You both understand that as human beings, we’re never done growing. As such, you and your partner prioritize personal growth and encourage one another to keep reaching for each other’s goals. You support one another to become the best versions of yourselves because you know that will only make your relationship better, too.

5. You annoy the shit out of each other sometimes.

But that’s okay because you don’t want perfection. You just want them and they want you. You two realize that the quirks are usually the good stuff anyway and are what make people who they are.

6. They’re not your “everything.”

And you aren’t their everything either. While your partner is a hugely important part of your life and you are a hugely important part of theirs, you both understand that making someone your entire life is not only unhealthy but also puts unnecessary pressure on a relationship. You want to be together because you love one another, not because you’re afraid you’d be nothing without each other.