6 Weirdly Inspirational Lessons About Love And Relationships From ‘The Boys’

6 Inspirational Lessons About Love And Relationships From ‘The Boys’

The Boys is a popular superhero series on Amazon Prime that’s based off of a Garth Ennis comic. It’s filled with intense fight scenes and harsh commentary on the way we live as a society – but it also contains some surprisingly touching moments with adorable couples. There are spoilers ahead, so make sure you’re caught up with season three before you read!

The right person will be patient with you. Kimiko didn’t want to open up to Frenchie at first because of everything she’s been through in the past. She had her guard high, but Frenchie continued to be there for her, and she eventually taught him how to understand her. Remaining patient and giving her time to become comfortable is what helped them grow so close.

It’s possible to have a respectful, mature breakup. Mother’s Milk and Monique didn’t work out as a couple, but they’re still able to get along well enough to raise their daughter. Monique even comforts him when he confides in her about the problems he’s been going through and the risks he wants to take. She’s still there for him when he needs her the most, even though they’re no longer together.

You should always be proud of your partner’s successes. You shouldn’t allow your jealousy to get in the way of your love and support of your person. Their wins are not your failures because you’re teammates. You’re supposed to be in this together. Hughie (at least, before this current season) was always supportive of Annie. Unlike the boys she knew in the past, he didn’t feel threatened by her strength. He encouraged her to be her best, bad ass self. And that’s what kept their relationship strong – the fact that he admired her strength instead of being bitter about it.

People aren’t always who they appear to be. Pretty much all the supes on The Boys aren’t the person they pretend to be on television. And it’s the same in real life. The people you see on social media might not behave the same when you meet them in person. Someone might not even be the same a month later as they are on your first date. Even though you might feel like you know them because you see all their posts, that doesn’t mean you know the real them. So be careful with who you trust. Make sure that you really get to know them before you open your heart to them fully.

Even the people who look the strongest have vulnerabilities and insecurities. Even someone like Homelander has weaknesses. There’s no one on this planet who is immune to insecurities  – and the strongest couples share what they’re going through. They don’t hide it and pretend nothing is wrong. Like Hughie knows all too well, secrets will never get you anywhere. You need to keep open communication with your partner. You need to be honest with them and respect them enough to tell them the truth.

When you really love someone, you want them to be happy. Billy would do anything in order to see Becca again. And once he finds her, he will do anything to make sure she’s happy. Even though he wants nothing to do with her child at first, he ends up doing what would make her the most comfortable and trying to keep the family together. Even though their love story doesn’t end happily, it’s clear he truly loves her because he’s willing to do anything for her – like protect the child he knew she loved.