6 Mistakes Aries, Leos, And Sagittarius Repeatedly Make In Relationships

6 Mistakes Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius Repeatedly Make In Relationships

Sometimes, fire signs blurt out their feelings without thinking it through. One of the best (and worst) things about fire signs is their brutal honesty. They are never going to lie to you about how they’re feeling or what they think of you. Unfortunately, this means they don’t have the greatest bedside manner. Even though they could phrase the same exact thing in a gentle way and avoid a fight, they might not realize how harsh they’re being. They might not think through the consequences of their actions and will say something they can never take back.

Sometimes, fire signs are too stubborn to see their partner’s point of view. Fire signs are natural born leaders. Even though this can be a strength, their confidence and insistence that they’re right can make it hard for them to come to compromises in a relationship. Fire signs don’t like to take orders from anyone – including their partner. So if they feel like they are being told what to do, they might rebel on purpose.

Sometimes, fire signs crave too much excitement. Serious relationships can be a hard adjustment for fire signs because they want every single day to feel like an adventure – but some days are bound to be boring and repetitive. No relationship can feel fiery forever. Since fire signs are impulsive and spontaneous, being in a committed relationship might make them feel like they’re being held back. But they need to remember that the puppy love period doesn’t last forever, or they’re going to end up ending every relationship as soon as it gets serious.

Sometimes, fire signs take their independence too seriously. Fire signs can take care of themselves – and they want everyone to know it. Unfortunately, this means they might put too much space between themselves and their partner. They might overdue their insistence that they don’t need anyone and end up pushing someone important away. If they’re not careful, their desire to do everything on their own and prove their own capabilities could cause them to end up alone.

Sometimes, fire signs won’t be transparent with their emotions. You would think fire signs would wear their hearts on their sleeves since they’re so blunt, but expressing their vulnerabilities isn’t the same as expressing their anger or excitement. Fire signs might hide it when they’re struggling because they want to look like they are strong. They don’t want anyone to mistake their tears for weakness, so they cry behind closed doors. They have a bad habit of shutting their partner out so they can be the rock in the relationship, but this ends up pushing them further apart because they aren’t being completely honest.

Sometimes, fire signs take on too much at once. Even though their determination and passion is impressive, it can cause relationship problems if they aren’t careful with how much they put on their plate. Since fire signs have huge dreams, they have busy lives – and even though it’s possible to have a thriving career and relationship, fire signs tend to obsess over one thing at a time. And if all their effort is going into their dreams and none is going toward the relationship, it could cause serious issues. They need to find a better balance if they want everything instead of picking and choosing.