6 Motivational Reminders To Kick Your Butt When You’re Feeling Down

6 Motivational Reminders To Kick Your Butt When You’re Feeling Down

You never know how close you are to success.

You might feel like you haven’t been making any progress, but that’s not true. Every single day, you’re taking baby steps toward your dreams. Even though you might be frustrated with how slowly your journey is moving, it’s impossible to predict the future. You might be closer to your dreams than you realize. If you keep putting in the work, you might get the results you’ve even waiting for in another few months or weeks or days. You have no idea what’s waiting around the corner, so if you’re really passionate about something, don’t stop now.

The days are going to pass, whether you pursue your drams or not.

You might feel like working toward your dreams has been a waste of time – but have you been enjoying yourself? Have you been bettering yourself? If you give up on your dreams, time is still going to pass. At the end of the year, would you rather be able to look back and say you worked toward something special, or that you gave up and never even tried? It’s okay if it takes you a long time to reach your dreams. This isn’t a competition. You can get there this year or the next, and it still means you made it.  

No one else cares about your journey as much as you do.

Don’t be embarrassed about failing because no one is judging you as harshly as you’re judging yourself. No one else cares whether you’re making six figures. No one else cares whether your dreams are coming true. The only person who is putting pressure on yourself is yourself. If anyone else has something negative to say about your journey, then they don’t belong in your orbit. Only surround yourself with supporters, not haters.

Most people aren’t even trying to accomplish their dreams.

You should be proud of yourself, even if you haven’t reached your dreams yet because at least you have the courage to try. At least you’re willing to face failure in order to do what you’ve always wanted to do. There are so many people out there who aren’t even giving their dreams a chance. They’re refusing to put themselves out there out of fear. But you are doing what your heart wants. You are taking a chance on yourself. And that’s worth more than you realize.

You won’t get anywhere by dwelling.

You’re allowed to feel your feelings. You’re allowed to be upset when things don’t go your way and get jealous when others reach milestones before you even come close. But you can’t waste so much time worrying about what you haven’t accomplished yet that you forget to focus on the road ahead of you. No, tomorrow might not have gone the way you planned, but there’s always tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them forever. Keep moving forward. Keep believing in yourself.

You’ve surprised yourself before.

You’ve doubted yourself in the past and have gone on and accomplished great things anyway. You surpassed your expectations. You proved your doubts wrong. And you can do it again. It’s okay to have doubts about yourself as long as you remind yourself that you can push past them. You can do whatever you set out to accomplish.