6 Signs He’s A Good Guy, Based On How He Texts You

6 Signs He’s A Good Guy, Based On How He Texts You

He texts you at reasonable hours — when he’s sober.

He’s not waiting until two in the morning, after having several drinks, to get in touch with you. He’s already thinking about you earlier on in the day. Now, there’s nothing wrong with him reaching out to you every once in a while when he’s at a party, but that shouldn’t be the only time he contacts you. He shouldn’t only be reaching out when he’s wasted and lonely.

He always answers your messages.

Maybe he can’t answer right away because he’s busy with school or work, but he never leaves you on read. He always makes a point to get back to you. You never have to worry that he’s ghosting you or annoyed by how much you’ve been texting him. He makes the effort to respond because he cares about you, too. He wants to hear from you as much as you want to hear from him.

He keeps the conversation flowing.

He’s not responding with one-word answers, relying on you to carry the entire conversation. When you’re talking, the conversation flows easily. You never feel like you’re being ignored or like the relationship is one-sided because he participates in the conversation as much as you. You’re putting an equal amount of effort into getting to know each other. He asks questions to get to know you better and he answers your questions without dodging them and trying to seem mysterious.

You have deep, meaningful conversations.

And silly conversations. Basically, he’s talking to you like an equal instead of sexting you and asking you to send him naked pictures every five seconds. By the way he treats you over text, you can tell that he’s interested in more than your body. You can consider him an actual friend because you know each other on more than the surface level. You’re having actual, meaningful conversations. It’s not all about sex.

He treats you with kindness and respect.

Talking to someone over text isn’t all that different from talking IRL. If he’s making fun of your interests and acting like your opinion isn’t as valuable as his, then you don’t want to waste your time on him. He’s going to be exactly the same when you meet up with him in person. However, if he is interested in what you have to say, encourages you to chase your dreams, and treats you with respect even when you’re in an argument, then he has a good character. He might be worth the effort.

He makes plans to see you in person, too.

Talking to you over text is wonderful, but it isn’t enough for him. He tries to set actual plans with you — and not the vague kind that never come to fruition. He names the time and the place he’s available because he wants to develop a deeper connection with you. He wants you to be more than someone he texts. He wants your relationship to continue to grow.