6 Signs The Relationship Is Over (Even Though You Refuse To Admit It)

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6 Signs That The Relationship Is Over (Even Though You Refuse To Admit It)

You don’t want to stay in the wrong relationship for too long. Even though it hurts to let go, it’s so much better to say goodbye than to remain somewhere that doesn’t make you happy. Here are some signs that the relationship is over, even if you refuse to admit it:

The trust has been irrevocably broken.

You need to be able to trust your partner. If you don’t believe the words coming out of their mouth and don’t trust them to keep their promises, then the relationship is never going to last. You’re always going to feel uncomfortable with them – and that’s not the way a relationship should be. You should feel like this person has your best interest in heart, like they’re being transparent with you at all times.

You’ve started down different paths.

You don’t have to be the same person. You don’t have to have the same interests or want exactly the same things. But your dreams have to align. If you are picturing two completely different, contrasting versions of the future, then one of you is going to be disappointed. One of you could grow to resent the other. Although compromises are important in any relationship, you don’t want to give up everything you’ve ever wanted for a relationship when you could find someone who wants the same things you want.

You’ve stopped having fun together.

Every couple goes through ruts and rough patches. However, if you’ve permanently stopped enjoying their company and would rather spend time without them than with them, the relationship is in trouble. Your partner should be more than your lover. They should be your best friend, someone that you laugh with and go on adventures with. If you aren’t interested in sharing your interests with them or hearing about their interests, then you might be better off apart.

You’ve stopped putting in effort.

If even one of you have stopped putting in effort, the relationship is in trouble. A healthy relationship takes two people who want to make the relationship work. Two people who are willing to put in the effort. You can’t get lazy with your love. You can’t rely on the other person to do all the work. And you can’t be too stubborn to do your fair share.

You can’t let go of the past.

If you keep having fights over the same old problems, then nothing is going to get resolved. You need to agree to forgive them over mistakes they’ve made in the past – or you need to part ways. But you cannot keep bringing up old things they’ve done wrong whenever you’re annoyed with them. They cannot change the past, so you have to ask yourself whether you can live with what has happened or whether it’s too much to take.

You would rather be with someone else.

It’s not fair to stay with your partner when you would rather be with someone else. Your partner shouldn’t be the last person you want to touch. The last person you want to talk to about your day. The last person you want to see on your good days and bad. If they’ve fallen to the bottom of your priorities list, then you’re better off without each other.