6 Signs That You Need To Be Nicer To Yourself

6 Signs That You Need To Be Nicer To Yourself

You never congratulate yourself over your wins–but you dwell on your losses.

You should be proud of yourself when you accomplish something special. Don’t brush it off like it’s no big deal and move onto the next thing. You need to take a second when you complete a goal to think about how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve accomplished. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. And when you make a mistake, don’t spend too long thinking about all the things you could’ve done right. Accept that you’re only human and move on. You can do better next time.

You pick yourself apart over every little thing.

If your friends talked about themselves the way you talk about yourself, you would be furious with them. You would tell them to stop being so mean and focus on the beautiful parts of themselves. So why don’t you do the same with yourself? Don’t treat yourself like a punching bag. Don’t say cruel, nasty things about yourself that you wouldn’t say about your worst enemy. Practice kindness. Try to look at your good qualities. You won’t be able to silence that mean voice completely, but you can at least counter it with positive facts about yourself.

You’re constantly comparing yourself to everyone around you.

Even when you should be proud of yourself, you still feel like a failure because you’re comparing yourself to someone else. However, you should only be comparing yourself to your own personal best – and even that can be unhelpful since your best changes every single day. Today, you might not have much energy. Tomorrow, you might be able to cross every goal off your checklist by noon. You can’t fault yourself for doing less than your peers (or your former self). You need to treat yourself gentler.

You always talk yourself down.

Instead of holding yourself with confidence and sharing your successes, you act like your accomplishments aren’t a big deal. You might not even mention them in conversation or post about them online. You keep them to yourself because you feel like they still aren’t enough. However, you should learn to talk yourself up more. Tell your friends and family about the exciting aspects in your life. Don’t be shy about what you’ve done.

You can never enjoy a good thing.

When someone has a crush on you or you get a promotion at work, you assume there was a mistake. It feels too good to be true. You’re convinced you don’t deserve this – but you do. You deserve success and love and happiness. Stop fooling yourself into believe you should settle for less because you deserve it all.

You never treat yourself.

You never give yourself permission to take a break or buy that cute pair of shoes or play that new video game because you feel like you haven’t earned it yet. First of all, you don’t need to earn good things. You should treat yourself simply because you’re a human and you’re deserving of fun. However, you’ve accomplished so much more than you realize. If you take a second to really think about how far you’ve come, you’ll realize you surprised yourself.