6 Signs Your Person Is Lying To You

6 Signs Your Person Is Lying To You

Hopefully, you’ll end up with a partner who would never look you in the eyes and lie. However, there’s always a chance that your person will mess up (or that they aren’t actually as wonderful as you thought they were in the beginning). Here are a few signs that your person is lying to you, so you’re never fooled by them again:

Their excuses make no sense – at first.

If their story keeps changing, then they’re probably making things up as they go along. They’re probably scrambling in order to stay on your good side. If you start to question your own sanity, even though you were pretty confident about your argument a few minutes ago, there’s a chance they’re throwing in just enough truths with their lies to convince you that you’re wrong. Remember, your gut might pick up on something that your mind is missing.

They get uncharacteristically upset about the situation.

If they didn’t do anything wrong, and you aren’t approaching them in an aggressive, accusatory way, then there’s nothing for them to get overly upset, angry, or defensive over. If you feel like their response to your question is much stronger than it should be, then there could be a good reason. It could mean they’re lying straight to your face and are afraid now that they’ve gotten caught.

They go into too much detail.

If the lie is well thought out, then they might overcompensate by giving you tiny little details. They’re doing this to try to make the story sound as believable as possible. They’re hoping you won’t doubt them if they have an answer for every little thing. If they don’t normally give you this level of detail in everyday conversations, and they’re suddenly mapping out exactly what they were doing at exact times, they could be lying.

Or they don’t go into enough detail.

Maybe they’re giving you one-word answers because they haven’t thought up a cover story and don’t want to incriminate themselves. Or maybe they’re choosing their words extra carefully so they’re not technically lying to you. Either way, any major change in the way they speak to you is a reason to get suspicious. 

They’re fidgeting more than usual.

If you know their ‘tell’ because you’re super familiar with their body language, then it should be easier for you to pick up on the moments when they’re lying. Maybe they always stroke their chin or play with their hair or pick at their nails. Either way, if they’re fidgeting more than usual, it could be a sign they’re lying.

They need a minute to come up with a good argument.

As soon as you call them out, they don’t have a good reason for what they’ve done – but if you give them a few hours, they’ll come up with excuses for every little thing that’s upset you. Maybe they simply needed some time to put their thoughts together. Or maybe they were coming up with a lie that made enough sense for you to believe.