6 Signs Your Person Is Surprising You With A Ring Soon
Nikola Mihajloski

6 Signs Your Person Is Surprising You With A Ring Soon

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when your person is planning on popping the question. Other times, it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Whether your person is excellent at keeping secrets or has a horrible poker face, here are a few signs that they might be proposing soon:

They keep asking questions about where you see your future heading.

They’re double checking to make sure that you want to get married. They want to make sure that you’re serious about them. They want to make sure that you’re going to say yes when they pop the question. Remember, they’re nervous about this moment. They don’t want to embarrass themselves, and they don’t want to rush you if you aren’t ready to take that next step. So they’re going to discuss what you want to make sure that you’re on the same page about it all.

They ask for your opinion on your friend’s engagement rings.

They want to know whether you’re jealous of what your friends are wearing or whether you would never be caught wearing the same thing. They’re trying to figure out your style so they don’t mess up and buy you something you can’t stand. Since they’re so worried about making this proposal perfect, they might also have a sudden interest in your jewelry box. They’re trying to figure out your taste. And your ring size.

They suggest you get your nails done.

If they know you’re the type of person who will want a million pictures with your diamond ring (while your nails are looking fresh), then they’re going to suggest that you head to the spa so you’re prepared for the moment. Or they might be a little sneakier and ask your friends to convince you to head to the spa. That way, you won’t feel self-conscious when you want to show the world your new bling.

Your family is acting weird out of the blue.

If your partner broke the news to your loved ones (or was old fashioned and ‘asked’ for their blessing) then they’re keeping a secret too. If your family and friends are horrible at lying, then you might be able to figure out whether a proposal is looming based on how they’re behaving around you. Your future fiancé might be playing it cool, but everyone around them could give them away.

They’re suddenly saving up money.

Engagement rings are expensive. Weddings are even more expensive. If they know that these huge purchases are in the near future, then they’re going to be careful with their spending. They won’t want to splurge on extras more than necessary so that you’ll have enough cash to spend on your dream wedding. They’re planning ahead because they want to make you happy. They want to make sure you can afford everything you want.

There’s a big occasion coming up – and they volunteered to do the planning.

If they’re scheduling a romantic getaway or a fancy anniversary dinner when they usually sit back and let you do the planning, there could be a proposal in the future. Or maybe they’re simply interested in doing something sweet for you. Either way, it’s going to be a night to remember.