6 Types Of People Who Won’t Love You Wholly

6 Types Of People Who Won’t Love You Wholly

People who only care about themselves. People like this aren’t going to care about your happiness. They’re going to make decisions that are the most convenient for them, regardless of what it means for you. You need a partner who is selfless, at least when it comes to you. You need someone who would drop everything to help you out when you’re struggling, not someone who would ignore your phone call when they’re not in the mood to roll out of bed.

People who are too stubborn to come to compromises. You need a partner who is willing to hear you out and take your opinion into consideration. If your partner assumes they’re always right and refuses to compromise with you, then the relationship is going to be one-sided. They’re always going to get their way while you’re left unsatisfied. Even if you’re a people-pleaser, you’re going to resent this attitude soon enough. You’re not going to be happy in a relationship where you never get a say.

People who aren’t interested in a real commitment. If you’re searching for someone to settle down with, you need someone who is on the same page. You can’t expect someone who is playing the field to change their mind anytime soon. They might never feel comfortable settling down. Or they might decide you’re not the person they want to settle down with and leave once the fun is over. Either way, you need to make sure you’re with someone who has the same type of future in mind as you do.

People who refuse to apologize or admit the hurt they caused. In relationships, you need to be open and honest with each other. When one of you screws up, you need to own up to it and find a way to set things right. But if you’re dating someone who refuses to admit they could have possibly done anything wrong, or someone who tries to turn situations around to blame you, you’re never going to resolve your issues. They’re only going to snowball the longer you’re together.

People who cannot stop themselves from lying. Relationships are about honesty. You’re supposed to feel comfortable coming to your partner about anything, even the hard topics. If your person would rather lie to you or conceal things from you than have a conversation, the relationship is never going to last. You can’t keep secrets from the person you love. You need to trust them enough to let them into your heart. Allowing them in halfway isn’t enough.

People who have no interest in bettering themselves. You shouldn’t go into a relationship hoping the other person will change. But it’s always a positive when your partner has the desire to do better, to constantly improve themselves, to set their expectations higher each and every year. If you’re both striving to become better people, your relationship will always be growing. You’ll become even stronger as a team. But if you’re the only one growing, you just might grow apart.