6 Types Of Texters You Should Never Date
julie aagaard

6 Types Of Texters You Should Never Date

The person who makes every single conversation about themselves. If you’re talking to someone, there should be a back and forth. They shouldn’t be doing all the talking while you barely say a word. You should both be contributing, both be engaging. If they only contact you so they can ‘hear themselves talk’ then the connection is never going got grow stronger. You need someone who asks you questions too. Someone who cares about what you have to say and how you’ve been.

The person who turns every single conversation into an opportunity to sext. Yes, it’s wonderful that they’re attracted to you and that they can’t stop thinking about touching you. But if you want a real relationship, you need to have actual conversations. You need to develop a friendship too. If the only thing they want to talk to you about his how good you look and how they can’t wait to hook up with you again, then it might be more of a fling than a serious relationship.

The person who might as well not even be there. It takes two people to have a healthy relationship – and two people to have a thoughtful conversation. If they only answer with one or two words, or never even answer at all, then you’re going to have trouble getting to know them. You shouldn’t be coming up with all the conversation topics and keeping the conversation from dying. You should both be contributing or you might as well be talking to a wall.

The person who repeats themselves over and over again. If your conversations always follow the same pattern (hey / hey / what’s up / nothing), then a relationship probably isn’t going to work out. If you two aren’t comfortable talking to each other and have trouble opening up, then the relationship will always remain surface level. You need someone who isn’t afraid to dig deep with you. Someone who will tell you the details about their day instead of asking the same basic questions and giving the same basic answers.

The person who demands more from you than they’re willing to give. If they hit you with a million question marks when you take a little too long to respond – even though they have gone days without answering you – then they’re a hypocrite. You don’t want to date someone who expects you to run to them whenever they call when they aren’t willing to do the same. You deserve someone who treats you the way they want to be treated, who doesn’t have double standards.

The person who drops out of your life at random. If you want a serious relationship with them, they need to be consistent. If they aren’t consistently there for you, consistently treating you with respect, consistently meeting your standards, then you shouldn’t be with them. You don’t want someone who only treats you well half the time. You deserve someone who treats you well one hundred percent of the time, no matter their mood, no matter how inconvenient it might be.