7 Affirmations For Strong Women With Anxious Thoughts

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7 Affirmations For Strong Women With Anxious Thoughts

“This is my anxious mind speaking.” When you’re anxious, acknowledge it. Remind yourself that the mean things running through your head — about how you aren’t good enough or how you have no friends — aren’t thoughts brought on by cold hard facts. They’re brought on by your anxious mind. As much as you want to forget about your anxiety, it’s important to remember it’s a part of you. That way, when worst case scenarios run through your mind, you can remind yourself that your fears aren’t destined to come true. Most of them are simply anxious thoughts.

“I can be anxious and still complete my work.” You know your body best. Sometimes, your anxiety is telling you to take a break, to give your mind a rest, to get back to your work tomorrow. Other times, you have what it takes to push through. After all, if you’re living with anxiety every single day, you can’t keep putting off your responsibilities. You have to face them eventually – and although anxiety might make them harder to complete certain tasks, it doesn’t make them impossible. You can live with your anxiety. You can create a successful, meaningful life with your anxiety.

“I am in a safe space.” Your anxiety might feel like alarm bells blaring in your brain, warning you something is wrong. However, if you’re in a safe space, you should remind yourself that you aren’t in any actual danger. Even though you are uncomfortable, you are safe. You are going to be okay. This feeling is going to pass.

“I’ve survived this feeling before.” You’ve probably been living with anxiety for a while. This isn’t the first time you’re feeling overwhelmed, insecure, or frightened. You’ve been here before, and you’ve gotten through the pain in one piece. You can do it again. It might not be easy, but don’t doubt yourself. You are more capable and courageous than you give yourself credit for.

“I have plenty to offer.” If you have social anxiety, you’re probably nervous when you enter new environments. You’re probably afraid of what everyone is going to think of you. But you need to remember that they would be lucky to become friends with you. You aren’t a burden. You aren’t worthless. You are a wonderful human who has plenty to offer.

“What you see on the outside isn’t the whole story.” It might seem like everyone else breezes through life while you’re stuck struggling. However, you try your hardest to hide your anxiety. Don’t you think others are doing the same? You’re not alone in your struggles. Other people are feeling the same way you are. You just don’t realize it.  

“I need to take this one step at a time.” Your anxiety is going to grow worse if you think about everything you need to get done this month, this year, this lifetime. Try your best to focus on the moment. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. It’s going to be hard at first, but challenge yourself to live in the moment. If a problem arises, you can deal with it once it happens. For now, enjoy the calm.