Pawel Szvmanski

7 Concrete Signs You’re On The Right Path (Even If You Feel Completely Lost Right Now) 

Sometimes, it’s when you truly allow yourself to be fully lost that you finally find your way. Here are seven signs you’re on the right path (even if you can’t see that right now).

You’re questioning everything.

You’re questioning your purpose, your direction, your job, your relationships. You’re asking yourself if what you have is what you actually want or just what you think you should want. You’re finally ready to address that question honestly, even if you’re not happy with what your answer might be. You understand that it’s not too late to reroute. In fact, you’re already starting to map out your next move.

You’re outgrowing some friendships.

Some of your friendships are beginning to fizzle out. For example, maybe you have nothing in common with your college friends anymore or perhaps the pals you made in your early 20s are at a completely different point of life than you are. While it can absolutely be painful to see the people you thought would be forever fade into the past, it simply shows you all are growing up. This doesn’t mean they didn’t play an important role or that you won’t always love them. It just means that you’re on your own authentic path, and they are on theirs. And sometimes, these paths diverge.

You don’t recognize previous versions of yourself.

In addition to outgrowing your friendships, you’re also outgrowing the person you’ve been before. In fact, you don’t even recognize the person you were a year ago or perhaps even just six months ago. In other words, you’ve evolved and are continuing to transform. Embrace the metamorphosis.

On that note, you don’t look down on your former self. Instead, you realize you had to be that person in order to be who you are now, who you will be tomorrow, and who you will become in the days after that.

You feel challenged.

Feeling challenged isn’t a sign you’re doing something wrong or not cut out for the task at hand. It shows you’re giving yourself a chance. It is proof you are trying. Whether it’s at work or in your relationship or within your healing journey, you’re taking the steps to figure it out, even if you aren’t doing so in the most graceful way. You’re still moving forward. That’s what counts.

You see the value of slowness.

You’re not as impulsive. You’re learning to respond, not react. You take your time to make your decisions carefully. You are more mindful of what you want so you want to make sure what you do aligns with those goals.

You’re learning to enjoy the process.

You’re less focused on the outcome and are instead adjusting your sights on the moment at hand. You’re taking things one step at a time. You view reroutes as an opportunity to try again, not as a setback.

You feel inner peace (even if everything is chaotic).

If you’re being honest with yourself, even though so many facets of your life are in flux, you don’t feel the usual anxiety you have in the past about the uncertainty. Instead, you feel a sense of calm because you have faith you’ll figure it out. You trust yourself. You’re more in touch with your intuition than you’ve ever been. You’re on the right path, even if you don’t see the outline just yet.