7 Green Flags That Prove Moving In With Him Won’t Be A Mistake

7 Green Flags That Prove Moving In Together Won’t Be A Mistake

Moving in together is a big deal. You shouldn’t commit to the decision unless you’re sure that this person is good for you. Otherwise, you’re going to be packing your bags again sometimes soon (or you will feel trapped in a place you don’t belong). Here are some green flags that prove moving in with him won’t be a mistake:

You put an equal amount of effort into the relationship. If you already feel like you’re the one doing more in the relationship, moving in together might make matters worse. If they won’t put effort into planning dates or sending the first text, they might not put effort into cleaning up after themselves or cooking dinner either. They might assume you’re going to do it all for them.

You are always willing to compromise with each other. Moving in together is going to require you both to switch up your routines at least a little. If they’re used to making noise at night when you have to be in bed early, then you need to know that they’re willing to compromise and respect your sleep schedule. If they only care about themselves, then they’re going to make your life a living hell in one way or another, whether it’s on purpose or completely by accident.

You accept each other’s weaknesses. If you haven’t been completely honest with each other, then you’re about to find out a whole lot once you move in together. But if you’ve been honest about yourselves and accept each other exactly the way you are (instead of dreaming about changing each other), then you’re going to have fun living under the same roof.

You can picture a real future with this person. If you only see the relationship as temporary, moving in together might be a mistake. But if you feel like this person is going to be in your world forever, then moving in together is a great step to take before you make a more official commitment. It will test your compatibility. It will help you discover whether your relationship will really last a lifetime.  

You are respectful of each other’s time and space. If they expect you to drop everything when they call, even when it’s inconvenient, then they’re going to continue taking advantage of you when you’re living together. Except it will be worse because they might invite friends over without asking you or borrow your things without permission. However, if they are respectful of you, you shouldn’t have these problems.

They talk through problems with you. If they sweep problems under the rug or pretend everything is fine when you’re both miserable, living together is going to be awkward. But if you are completely honest with each other and work on solving problems together, then you’re going to be just fine.

You trust this person with your secrets, thoughts, and opinions. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together once you move in together, so make sure you trust them. Make sure they have your best interest at heart.