7 Lessons About Love That Patrick And David Rose Taught Us

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7 Lessons About Love That Patrick And David Rose Taught Us

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t finished watching Schitt’s Creek yet, make sure you complete the series ASAP! But even if you’re not done yet, you probably know that there’s no cuter couple than David and Patrick. Here are a few things they taught us about what it means to really love someone:

The right person will put in effort to make you happy.

Whether it means serenading your partner or playing baseball with them when you have zero interest in the sport, you’ll want to do anything to make your person happy. You’ll put effort into their hobbies. You’ll pay attention to their passions. Even if you don’t have much in common, you’ll still show a real interest in their life.

The right person will take care of you.

Patrick helps David when his wisdom teeth are removed and when he gets injured on the hike on his way to propose. Even when David is being dramatic, Patrick is always there for him. He doesn’t get annoyed or run away when things get hard. They’re always there to support, protect, and encourage each other.

The right person won’t care about your past.

Neither of them care about what happened before they met. They care about the present. They care about the way they treat each other now and how much they enjoy spending time together. They’re both looking forward to their future together – their marriage, their house, their new family. They couldn’t care less about yesterday because they’re focused on tomorrow.

The right person will put effort in with your family.

Even though the Rose family is chaotic, Patrick tries his best to get along with them. And when Patrick’s parents show up, David goes out of his way to have a meaningful conversation with them. The right person won’t hide you away and keep you all to themselves. They’ll want you to be an active part of their life. They’ll introduce you to their friends and invite you to holidays with their family. They’ll want you to be a part of everything they do.

The right person will love you, despite your flaws.

Patrick has seen David at his worst. He’s seen him act selfish and sarcastic. He’s even seen him wetting the bed. But he never turns his back on David, even during their toughest moments as a couple. He loves every single side of his partner, even the sides that David isn’t completely comfortable with himself.

The right person will work through problems with you.

David and Patrick aren’t always in the best moods. Sometimes, they’re grumpy. Sometimes, they argue. However, they never disrespect each other. They never say hurtful things with the intention to bring each other down. They treat each other with respect, even when they’re feeling frustrated.

The right person will pay close attention to your dreams.

At the end of the series, David buys the house that Patrick mentioned he loves. He pays attention when his partner speaks. He really listens. And then he puts in effort to show how much he cares.