7 Little Ways You’re Unintentionally Hurting Yourself

7 Little Ways You’re Unintentionally Hurting Yourself

You’re lying to yourself about your happiness.

It’s one thing to put on a fake smile and lie to the rest of the world. It’s even worse when you refuse to acknowledge the truth yourself. Acceptance is the first step toward change. The sooner you admit what’s been bothering you, the sooner you can work toward finding a solution. The sooner you can return to living a life that makes you feel fulfilled.

You’re remaining in your comfort zone.

The unknown is scary. It’s easier to keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the dissatisfaction deep inside. However, taking a risk is worth it in the long run. For a little while, you might be extra stressed or swamped with work, but at least you’ll be taking a chance on yourself. At least you’ll be saying to the world: I deserve everything that I’ve been dreaming about achieving.

You’re physically isolating yourself.

Even if social interaction is stressful for you, it’s important to form deep connections. You don’t want to go too long trapped in your house without speaking to anyone, or even texting anyone. You need to reach out to people you care about. You need to meet new people. At the very least, you need to take walks outside and get yourself out in the sun. Don’t hide yourself away. Put yourself out there, even if you start with baby steps.

You’re emotionally isolating yourself.

You aren’t telling others the whole truth. You’re keeping everyone at a distance to protect your heart and your reputation. However, having emotions is nothing to be ashamed about experiencing. You’re allowed to cry. You’re allowed to be vulnerable. You’re allowed to show others a softer side. If you never open up to family and friends, you’re preventing them from getting to know the real you. You’re stopping your connection from growing deeper.

You’re pushing yourself to the point of burning out.

You don’t want to work yourself too hard. Even though you need to put in effort to achieve your dreams, you shouldn’t be stressing yourself out to the point where you’re struck with headaches and stomachaches. You need to rest before you exhaust yourself. You need to treat your body and mind with kindness. Don’t forget that lazy days can be productive too. They can recharge you, so you’re ready for what’s to come.

You’re ignoring problems and hoping they disappear.

Even though conflict is uncomfortable, you need to speak up when something is bothering you. If you allow others to walk all over you without saying a word, they’re going to assume you’re okay with their behavior. They aren’t going to realize anything is wrong. If you want things to change, you need to play an active role in changing them. Your problems aren’t magically going to disappear if you ignore them.

You’re not putting effort into yourself.

You’re so busy taking care of everyone else that you never stop to take care of yourself. You sacrifice your own happiness to bring it to others. Although it’s beautiful that you care so much about other people, you need to start caring about yourself, too.