Anna Tarazevich

7 Signs You Have A Warrior’s Heart

A warrior’s heart allows you to face danger or pain despite fear. What we fear the most is not physical danger but not knowing outcomes for sure.

I learned the term warrior’s heart from an Indigenous Elder while travel nursing on a Northern Canadian Reservation. She was perceptive. Calm. You could feel power all around her. She helped me through a particularly tough day simply by encouraging me to sit in the room where she worked. Lights dim, no distractions until my heartbeat and breathing slowed. 

In the silence, she said, “You have a warrior’s heart.” I didn’t know what the phrase meant, yet intuitively I understood. 

A warrior’s heart is one of courage despite all odds.

You have a warrior’s heart. You’ve faced trials and overcome circumstances that have threatened your well-being. You strive to keep faith in humanity, though you have every reason not to. You find courage most when working towards a cause. Your heart beats strongest when you’re protecting those you love. 

1. Love is at the core of your actions.

People don’t always understand your motives. You come off as insensitive, though you have good intentions. You try to do what’s best. You don’t always get it right. But nobody’s harder on yourself than you. You care about those you love. You take pride in helping them.

2. You dare to put your heart on the line.

Courage is often associated with habits that take grit to overcome, like quitting smoking. However, courage also comes in forms that go unrecognized. It takes courage to be vulnerable, receive affection, and put your heart on the line. It takes courage to love. 

3. You fiercely protect those you care for, sometimes to your own detriment.

You give those you love priority. You give your family and friends money when you can’t afford to. You go out of your way to help. You’ll break down walls and start riots to help those you love if they’re sick, hurt, or in danger—their safety fuels your joy. If firm boundaries are not in place, you will drain yourself.

4. You do what’s necessary for the greater good.

You make the hard decisions. You take action at the risk of looking mean. You’re the one who calls out your sister’s alcohol addiction and says it’s time for rehab. This bluntness can leave some of your relations rocky. You hope people understand, but ultimately it doesn’t matter if they do. 

5. You fight for what you believe in.

You have a strong sense of justice and moral obligation. You like going to bed at night having a clear conscience. You prefer doing what feels authentic to you versus what provides the most material or monetary gain. You’re generally quiet. You leave people to their opinions. But when it comes to your truth, you speak up, regardless of the consequences.

6. You’re interested in the truth.

The truth is your bottom line. You like direct people. The truth isn’t always easy, but it lets you know who you can rely on. You prefer honesty over spared feelings, though you know this isn’t always the case with others. You’d rather divert an answer if you know it will hurt a person’s feelings than give a fake answer. You’re reluctant to make promises because you believe your word is your bond.

7. Your life is challenging, but nothing keeps you down.

You’re a fighter. You’ve overcome trials and obstacles, often alone. It might take you a while to get back up, but you’re always looking to hope on the other side. No matter what, you find the strength to keep going. You find the strength to keep your heart open.

You have a warrior’s heart.

A warrior’s heart allows you to face danger or pain despite fear. It’s a heart of courage. You tell yourself that you’re alone, sometimes more than you are. Remember that not all days need fighting. Some days need rest, despite your warrior’s heart.