7 Ways To Prioritize Your Peace By The End Of Your Twenties

Thirty: the milestone birthday we all dreaded in our twenties. As your twenties come to an end, you look back and cringe while simultaneously wanting to hold on to your youth. Hitting this milestone birthday feels like life hits you, and you’re instantly supposed to transform into a better person. Give yourself grace, though; you’re evolving and growing. No one expects you to transform into a new person instantly, but you owe it to yourself to be better than you were. 

So keep striving, keep pushing yourself. Reflect and begin working on your shortcomings so you can be the better you that you deserve to be.

1. Let go of things that are disrupting your peace

Stop giving away your peace to people, places, things, and situations. Harness the power of walking away.

2. Learn to apologize

Life is too short not to apologize, but know the difference between when you need to and when you’re people-pleasing.

3. Recognize that you’re not always right

Be a little more open-minded to other people’s perspectives. Sometimes proving your point isn’t worth damaging relationships.

4. Take care of your clothes

You’re too old not to be separating whites and colors. Find your favorite fabric softener, and don’t shy away from the dry cleaner.

5. Let go of past mistakes

Stop letting your past define you. Our mistakes teach us lessons we need to learn. Be grateful for your past experiences because they’re helping you get where you want to go.

6. Remember: Your happiness is your responsibility

Stop blaming the world like it owes you—it doesn’t. Learn how to take action in the present. Hold yourself accountable for your past and future, and find joy in the little moments.

7. Stop allowing people to disrespect you

When you allow someone to disrespect you, you’re teaching them how to treat you. Stop making excuses for poor behavior.