7 Word Games To Play If You’re Obsessed With Wordle

7 Word Games To Play If You’re Obsessed With Wordle

You’ve probably heard about Wordle by now. It’s the game everyone on your Twitter feed has been playing where you guess a word in six tries. It’s always a five letter word and after each guess, the tile of the colors will change to give you hints for your next guess. Unfortunately, you can only play once a day, so if you’re in the mood for more word games, check out some of these:


This board game is Scrabble with a twist. Instead of forming words on a flat board, you get to stack tiles to create new words on top of the existing ones. You can play by yourself or up to three other players. See who has the most amount of points at the end or see if you can beat your last score.


This game might bring you back to when you were studying for the SATs – except it’s tons of fun! Basically, you have to guess the definition of a word that you probably haven’t heard before. You’re given three options, but if you can guess the word without having those options read to you, you get even more points. Even when it’s not your turn, this game will give you the chance to extend your vocabulary!

Scrabble Slam

This is a fast-paced word game where each player is given an equal amount of cards. A four-letter word is chosen to sit in the center of the playing area. Then everyone plays at once. Instead of taking turns, make as many different words as you can as quickly as possible. The first person to get rid of all their cards is the winner.


This is a classic game that’s perfect to play alone or with a group of friends. Every round, you’re going to focus on a new letter (which will be determined by a special die). While the clock is ticking, you’ll look at your list of categories and write down answers that start with the chosen letter. For instance, if your letter is R, you would answer A TV SHOW with Rugrats and AN INSECT with roach.


In this game, you’re given a set of letters and a board where you can create words of different lengths. You need to race against your opponents to create five words using your twenty tiles – which is much harder than it looks. The first player to finish gets 25 extra points for being done early.


You’ve probably heard of this game that comes in a cute little pouch shaped like a banana. This game is similar to the classic game, Scrabble, because you’re trying to build words in a grid. However, when you’re playing Bananagrams, the first person to use all their letters is the winner.


This game is a classic, but you might not have played it since you were a kid. All you have to do is create words out of the randomly assorted letters in the cube. Scribble as many combinations as possible onto a sheet of paper, then see who has the most points in the end. Just remember, the longer the word is, the more points it’s worth!