8 Expert Tips For Laying On Light Eyebrows

Everybody likes dark eyebrows, but do you sometimes feel that you are drawing them in so hard it’s like you’re covering up for the fact that all your eyebrows fell out? No longer! Read on for tips about how to get light eyebrows to switch it up. Some cultures do prefer light eyebrows. Maybe your man or lady will like them too!

1. Do nothing to your eyebrows.

I woke up like this! Show everybody what God gave ya. Your natural brows have a beautiful color that matches the rest of the colors on your body. As you make your natural expressions to convey emotion, your natural brows will naturally emote too if you relax and let them do their thing.

2. Just do a sweep with a brush.

A sweep can do so much! Take an eyebrow brush and run it through those beauties. A horizontal sweep from your nose to the sides of your face can be so soothing it feels like self-care. Or make little sweeps to fill in gaps, emphasize quirky vertical sections, or make your tips more angular.

3. Wear clear eyebrow gel.

Clear eyebrow gel can also be so soothing for your face! Again, you could sweep from your nose to the sides of your face, make little sweeps to fill in gaps, emphasize quirky vertical sections, or make your tips more angular. Some ladies lately have liked sweeping them up for an edgy adorkable look. Some women seem like they wouldn’t want their eyebrows to be sticky, but you definitely get used to it. Some women seem like they’d prefer to only have “gel” on the hair on their head, but people have been putting sticky products on eyebrows for centuries. Guys also sometimes put sticky products in their beards as well.

4. Wear a colored eyebrow gel only.

Using an eyebrow gel with color in it feels like it would make your eyebrows very dark, but it really doesn’t. You can still really see individual hairs in your brows, and some skin underneath, and they still do look a lot less like liquid eyebrow makeup, which can cloy the senses at times.

5. Fill in with pencil and then sweep.

Even if you fill in your entire brows with pencil, if you sweep at the end, you still get to see some individual hairs and some little gaps that show your skin underneath the pencil, and your eyebrows look very natural and nicely light.

6. Use a lighter colored pencil.

You can have some control over how light your eyebrows are with the color of your pencil. Go up a shade or two lighter. You can even go several shades lighter than the natural color of your eyebrow hair.

7. Go easy on the pencil.

You don’t really need to fill in your entire brows with pencil. You can always just fill in some gaps with a pencil color that matches your eyebrow hair.

8. Use a light powder.

Whether you’ve filled in your eyebrows with a pencil first or not, you can always fill in whatever you have going on with some light colored powder. Something a few shades lighter than your brows will do. Use an angular brush and voila! My lighter eyebrows make me feel lighter on my feet!