8 Green Flags That He’s A Ride-Or-Die Partner
Fabian Centeno

8 Green Flags That Prove He’s A Ride-Or-Die Partner

He tries to solve problems, not run away from them. He understands that relationships are bound to have problems and that the important part is how you learn and grow from them. When you’re in an argument, he doesn’t treat you like trash and refuse to take responsibility for his actions. He owns up to what he’s done wrong, talks to you like an adult, and makes changes and compromises when they’re needed.

He encourages you to achieve your wildest dreams. He is your biggest support system. He cheers you on when you’re struggling and reminds you that you have what it takes to achieve any goal. Instead of holding you back so that he gets to have more time with you or gets to say he’s more successful than you, he wants you to succeed. He wants you to reach your dreams. He wants you to be happy.

He really hears what you have to say and stores the information away. Your words aren’t going in one ear and out the other. He pays close attention when you speak and he remembers the little details. He cares about your thoughts and opinions, so it’s not like he’s nodding along mindlessly while you’re trying to have a conversation. He stays engaged. He stays invested.

He respects you enough to tell you the truth. He isn’t going to try to shield you from pain by lying to you or keeping secrets. He’s going to tell you exactly what’s going on in his world and how he’s feeling at all times. He won’t push you away in order to protect you because he considers you a teammate and knows that you’re in this together.

He sticks up for you when you’re mistreated. It doesn’t matter whether a close friend or family member has wronged you because he’ll be on your side. He’ll stick up for you. He’ll protect you. He’ll come to bat for you. He would never leave you hanging or try to distance himself from the situation because he has your back at all times.

He doesn’t hold (little) your mistakes over your head. When you mess up, he gives you the benefit of the doubt. He forgives you when you apologize. He doesn’t throw your mistake in your face during every fight. He doesn’t hold what you’ve done over your head forever. If he says you’re cool again, he means it.

He’s happy to tag along with you. It doesn’t matter if he has a different taste in bands because he’ll be excited to take you to see your favorite singers in concert. He won’t whine and complain the whole time, and he certainly won’t ask to sit home. He’ll want to watch you at your happiest. He’ll be happy to tag along, even if he doesn’t understand why you’re as obsessed with this thing as you are.

He gets your opinion before making impulsive decisions. He cares about you enough to ask for your input. He always takes your feelings into account and makes sure that you’re on the same page before making huge decisions that’ll impact the both of you. He knows you’re a team and acts accordingly.