Alina Vilchenko

8 Journaling Prompts For When You Need More Clarity In Your Life

1. What’s something that’s unique about you?

I love this one because it forces you to look at yourself objectively and find something that makes you different. This is a great prompt when you are in a ‘limbo’ period in your life where you’re looking to shift gears, engage in a new challenge, and explore new opportunities.

2. When do you feel the most like yourself?

A great prompt for understanding what makes you the happiest (and when). Think of the people you surround yourself with, the hobbies you choose to participate in, and what you spend your time doing. Your life is a reflection of how you feel, not how your life may look on the outside.

3. What do you want to bring forth into the world?

As co-creators in this world, we can choose to bring forth whatever it is we desire, but the individual who takes the time to deliberately decide what it is they want to bring forth will be able to begin carving the path for who they desire to become.

4. What are you grateful for?

Gratitude is an easy gateway to happiness—whenever you find yourself slugged down by the difficulties of life, create a list of things that you are grateful for. If you want to bring forth something in your future, show gratitude for it now and watch as it unfolds unexpectedly.

5. What is a failure you overcame that made you stronger?

Oftentimes, we forget our noble victories; we often only remember our epic failures. Bringing to mind a time when you overcame a challenge will remind you of what you’re capable of and provide you with a much-needed confidence boost when you may need it most.

6. In what ways have you grown as a person over the years?

Call to mind all the growth you’ve experienced in your life. All the moments of transcendence that have made you who you are today. You have so much to be proud of, and who you are today is a direct compilation of all the lessons, experiences, and growth you’ve had to overcome.

7. What are five good things that happened today?

Even on our worst days, there are always good things that happen within them. You are healthy. You are here. You have lived another day. In the midst of society’s struggles, we have more important things to be mindful of.

8. What habits do you want to build?

What simple, day-to-day actions will help you live a fuller life? We are a reflection of our habits and our choices. What we repeatedly do builds the onset of our lives. If we want to build and create a life that we are proud of, it must begin with who we spend our day with and how we utilize our thoughts. Think of habits you’ve always wanted to build and commit them fully. Time will tell how they change your life for the better.