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9 Signs She’s Bored Of The Relationship

You no longer fight.

Occasional fights in a relationship are normal. It’s expected that you won’t agree on everything. But if you don’t even fight anymore, or more specifically, she doesn’t bother fighting with you, she’s probably checked out. She doesn’t care to argue anymore.

…Or she creates unnecessary fights.

By picking unnecessary fights over things that probably don’t matter, this is her just trying to create some excitement in the relationship. Drama is exciting!

She stops putting in an effort.

She doesn’t ask if you want to go somewhere or try new things together. She doesn’t suggest date night or doing something exciting and different at home. She just settles for whatever is comfortable and easy for the two of you.

She doesn’t take an interest in you anymore.

She doesn’t ask questions about you, what you’re doing, or how your day was. She’s just not curious about you anymore.

She spends more time alone.

Alone time is important in any relationship. You need time away so you can miss one another! But if she’s choosing to do things alone rather than with you, that’s a solid sign that she’s bored of the relationship.

She spends more time with her friends.

Balancing time between friends and a partner is something you just…have to do. But if she’s bailing on you to hang out with her friends, it’s probably because she prefers to hang out with them over you.

The sex is not passionate or just nonexistent.

The sex feels less intimate than you would like it to be. Something’s off. She’s distant and not willing to have fun in the bedroom. Or maybe there’s no intimacy at all, no passion, no playfulness. Sex is becoming more of a burden than something enjoyable and fun.

She doesn’t communicate her feelings.

She’s not talking to you about how she’s feeling about the boredom, the bare minimum, the blah-ness in the relationship. She just keeps everything bottled up and accepts it.

Or she actually tells you she’s bored. 

If she’s honest with herself and you, she’ll speak up about how she feels. She’ll tell you if she’s bored or if she wants to change or end things. Communication is key to figuring this out, though.