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9 Undeniable Signs Your Manifestation Is About To Materialize

Whether you’re a spiritual newbie or a manifesting pro, there are some surefire signs that help us recognize when our desires are about to be delivered into reality. Here are nine to take note of.

You See Repeating Numbers Frequently

Repeating numbers, such as 1111, 14.14 or 333, will become more and more apparent as you experience an energetic shift when manifesting.

These are said to be angel numbers with each one having a particular meaning (if you notice repeating ‘2’ sequences, for example, it is said that love is part of your near future), whether you spot it on your clock, a receipt, or even when you’re getting gas.

Use repeating numbers as a sign from the Universe to stop for a moment, acknowledge your inner dialogue, and catch any negative thought spirals you may be in. 

You Release Your Grip

Often when we manifest, we want something so much that we hold on tight and strangle our desires. And that’s natural—we live our lives trying to control everything around us in a world of uncertainty.

But when you release your grip on trying to control the ‘how’ and ‘when’, it gives the Universe space to breathe and co-create something better than you could have ever imagined.

It’s like the old saying: When you stop looking for love, it finds you. It is the same for your manifestation. As soon as you plant the seeds and let them bloom in their own time, your life will quickly shift in the best way. 

You Hear Conversations Relating To Your Dreams

When your manifestation is on its way, you’ll begin to hear conversations about the very thing you’re trying to magnetize into your life.

You’ll notice random conversations in passing when you’re queuing at the store. Or friends and family mentioning that particular thing you’re calling in. Or even something on television.

The Universe is just letting you know it’s close by, so get ready. 

You Feel More Positive Each Day

Noticing a positive shift in your mindset is a huge indicator you are aligning to your manifestation, with gratitude becoming a daily practice and your ability to reframe negative situations feeling like second nature.

Instead of waking up on the wrong side of bed, you begin to notice small moments of joy like parking spots cropping up just as you need them, people smiling more in your direction, and even more of your manifestations coming to fruition.

You Meet The Universe Halfway With Ease

As your manifestation approaches, you may begin to experience more ways in which you can put the action into the law of attraction.

Perhaps you’re manifesting a mini break somewhere and you suddenly see a competition to enter to win a weekend at a lake cabin. Or maybe you’re manifesting a career change and you’re being pulled to email an old college friend who’s now working at your dream company.

Meeting the Universe halfway is often one of the missing pieces people forget about when they discover manifestation, but when you take inspired action—action that feels good intuitively rather than feeling forced—you align at a much quicker rate to what is divinely yours. 

You Finally Believe That It’s Possible

Ask, believe, receive—the three fundamental points of manifestation. Believing, however, can sometimes prove to be difficult when we consider how much our self-worth is called into question.

If we don’t believe our desires can be ours, how can the Universe deliver them? We’re creating an energetic block. But once we begin to realize what is actually possible for us, once we believe that we are worthy of everything we dream of, magic starts to happen.

Lessons Are Sent Your Way

If you feel like you’re being tested at the moment, that could be a surefire sign your manifestation is on its way. Ironic, I know.

It can feel like you’re being challenged when your desires are nearby, but sometimes the Universe knows we need to learn a particular lesson before we align to our manifestation.

Embracing the law of attraction isn’t like Amazon Prime—not everything is delivered to us the very next day, despite what the internet will have you thinking.

Sometimes we have to work on our mindset, our energy, our belief of what is possible for us and the Universe can use lessons and blessings to do that. Lean into the learning.

You Notice Things Being Removed From Your Life

When your manifestation is around the corner, you may notice things that don’t align to your new level of life dropping away. Perhaps toxic friendships run their course, maybe you lose your job or a relationship ends.

It’s hard to trust the process when you’re in the midst of this happening, but the Universe is making room for something more suited. When your energy changes, you are no longer in tune with other frequencies, just like a radio.

Even if this change feels unnerving at first, remember: the leaves dropping in Fall aren’t a bad thing, it’s simply making way for something even better come Spring. 

You See Other People With Your Manifestation

Now, it can feel incredibly confusing if you’re manifesting your soulmate and suddenly your single best friend meets hers. Or you’re manifesting more money and your work colleague wins the Lotto.

Why not you?!

At this point, the Universe is trying to show you what is possible. It’s a tactic to help you believe what is possible for you. After all, if someone within your reality has experienced it, then why not you? Turn that “why not you” into a positive statement, rather than a disappointed question. Your manifestation is on its way.