A Love Letter To The One I Haven’t Met Yet

Hey Love,

How are you?

When I think of you, my mind starts wondering and my heart is overwhelmed with emotions and hope, so much hope.

Where are you? Do you like playing hide and seek? I can’t find you anywhere. I have been looking everywhere for you. I have been looking in all the wrong places, in people who weren’t ready, people who weren’t sure, people who didn’t care enough, people who weren’t mine.

I have started wondering if you even exist in the real world or if I will only ever be able to find you in my dreams.

Will I ever meet you? Will I ever be that lucky? Or am I destined to love and to never be loved back?

I don’t yet know what your face looks like, but I am sure it is the cutest I will have ever seen.

I don’t know what the color of your eyes is, but they must be so deep I could get lost in them.

And how does your voice sound? Surely calm, collected, sexy.

Do you even speak my language? It probably wouldn’t matter—your heart would speak for itself.

I bet you have a wonderful laugh, one of those I would recognize from miles away.

Your smile must be captivating too, worthy of being stared for hours and bringing sunshine anywhere you go.

But nothing compares to the way you’ll make me feel: nervous, excited, safe. You’ll inspire me, you’ll appreciate me, you’ll get me, you’ll support my dreams, you’ll hold me every time I feel inconsolable, you’ll kiss me good morning and goodnight, you’ll challenge me to be better, to achieve more, to be a better person, and you’ll make me happy just by being you. You’ll just simply SEE me. Am I asking for too much?

I promise I’ll give all I have. I’ll break down my own walls, I’ll work hard, I’ll trust you with my heart and my soul, I’ll push you to go after your passions and what makes you feel alive, I’ll challenge you to go deep within your soul and make sense of things, I’ll love you with absolutely everything that I have.

Are you ready to love me like I want you to, like I deserve? Are you willing to keep my heart safe and promise not to hurt me?

If you are somewhere out there, I have been waiting for you. Come out and find me. I am ready for you.