A Reminder For Anyone Who’s Forgotten How Worthy They Truly Are

This one’s for those with beautiful minds—the kind of beautiful minds that come up with stupid excuses to not be happy. If you can think yourself into negativity and struggle to find your way back, know that there is so much good in the world waiting specifically for you to experience it. You were born into this world to enjoy it, even on cloudy days. Happiness is in your DNA because you were made in the image of a God that offers joy for free. All you need to do is take it, embrace it, and share it. You were born to smile through whatever pain the world dishes out because you know that pain is a temporary feeling meant to help you appreciate the joy you generate on your own. You deserve to know that you are worthy of good things — not because you’ve earned it but simply by virtue of breathing. No amount of negative self-talk should convince you otherwise.

I write this reminder to those who don’t have the courage to develop their brilliant ideas. Those brilliant ideas you think someone else may have already presented are yours to share with the world. There are ideas that you are better at articulating or explaining better than others. Stand boldly in your brilliance and remind yourself that greatness is not a destination but it is something that is already within you. Today is the day you tap into that greatness and show the world what you’re made of. Some people are called to change the world through their good deeds, but you were called to use your ideas to revolutionize the way we live. Never underestimate how much value your ideas have, no matter how arbitrary they may seem. Jot them down, develop them, and make them your own. You deserve to be great—don’t delay.

To the ones who think love is a game of chance: you’re absolutely right. Love is a game of chance that is rigged in your favor. The voice in your head that convinces you that you’re not worthy of intentional, wholesome love is wrong, because the very Higher Power in whose image you were created is defined by love itself—so how dare you think you aren’t worthy of the reason you’re here? Yes, there will come moments where people will hurt you and make you feel as though you can’t be loved the way you need to. Be reminded that the greatest love of all can only be experienced by you when you choose yourself first and always. Starting with a ritual as simple as just treating yourself to a weekly ice cream date, you could discover parts of you that you’ll fall in love with that can’t be compared to any offer of love someone else can give. When the love of your life eventually comes—and they will come—you’ll get to share the wholesome love you’ve given yourself with a person who’ll commit to filling your cup on days when you run on empty.

I write this final reminder for the souls that are tired… The souls that don’t believe life is worth living because the burden of the pain they carry is too heavy. In the darkest of times, there is light. Your mind blinds you from it because the fraud within you that convinces you that you’re the fraud for forcing healing won’t let you heal. The world needs to experience you, so I pray that you don’t lose your reason to stay alive. I hope this reminder that life is beautiful will help you see the light in the dark and encourage you to take steps towards that light. There’s more than enough space on the road to healing for everyone, and the people around you are more than willing to help you keep walking only when you’re prepared to take that first step. Lifting your hand to reach out for help is hard, I know. The onus of merely calling out for help is on you because help won’t fall on your lap. For those who are seeing their way out of this life, I hope that you find small reasons to keep seeing the sunrise.

May peace which surpasses all understanding guard your hearts, minds, and souls as we walk on this journey called life. May happiness define you and may healing be your daily exercise. May every breath you take remind you of the gem you are. To be alive and to thrive, you are worthy.