A Short List Of Reasons Why I Admire You (Even If You Don’t Always See Them In Yourself)

From the moment I met you, I have admired you. I have always admired your attention to detail, the way you see others rather than just look at them.

I know it can be hard for you to see yourself at times, but you are admirable. In fact, your resistance to it only makes you more so, as if humans like you are common. They’re not.

You are your own unique kind of beauty, and it’s one I’ve never seen before. It is the kind of beauty that goes from your skin to your soul.

I admire the way that you care quietly, never in a way that draws suspicion or doubt, yet it is crystal clear by your actions.

I admire the way you wear pure wonder on your sleeve, light up when you learn new things, and create space to be goofy.

I admire the way you create. You write compelling words and feelings that some might fear to speak, yet have the potential to save somebody.

I admire the way you are multifaceted and fueled by curiosity. Your interests have variety. You are consistent yet spontaneous.

I admire your resiliency. You have fought and are continuing to fight battles that we can sometimes go through life and not ever recognize we are fighting. Yet you face them, continuously reflecting in order to find the lesson in every situation. You utilize your resources. No matter how hard it can be, you embrace it all. You’re a fighter.

I admire the way you grow, never forcing yourself to fit a mold you or anyone else has created. You let your mind and dreams change. You don’t claim fake certainty. You do not let the world decide who you are.

This is why I admire you. I love the entirety of who you are.