Jermaine Ulinwa

A Short List Of Things To Make Room For

Make room for growth.

Let yourself stretch beyond your limits. Let your dreams dance beyond what you can see, touch, hear, taste, and hold. Let yourself grow into your body as it shifts and changes, and let yourself step into the new thoughts and wants and needs that will visit your mind and soul.

Make room for knowledge.

Nobody knows everything. Nobody has it all figured out. Nobody has all the answers to life’s problems, nor do they hold the secret ingredient to life’s success. 

Make room for possibility.

You wouldn’t read the last page of a book before you read the first chapter, so the same should be applied to your life as well. Resist the urge to try and figure out your endgame and your next steps so much so that you’re ignoring the beauty of the present. Let the experiences you have delight you. Let the people you meet surprise you. Let yourself bask in the tiny and more significant surprises that each day can bring. Plans are a wonderful thing, but sometimes, it’s essential to make room for possibility and the joy it brings.

Make room for joy.

If you stop your hustle, your grind, and your “busy” for a moment, you’ll see the little pockets of joy that are peppered throughout your day. You’ll see that there is a simple joy to be found in watching the beauty of a sunrise, the warmth and taste of your morning coffee, and the quiet of a rainy day. You’ll see that there is joy in laughter, stillness, and the mundane moments of a Monday. Joy isn’t just reserved for the exuberant, buoyant moments of life—but it’s there in the smaller moments that we overlook, too. 

Make room for love.

Let yourself love deeply. Let yourself be unabashed in the love you have for the ones who know the corners of your heart. Let yourself shout the love that you hold in your heart, whether it be for people or art or the gratitude for the breath within your lungs from the rooftops. There is always room for love if you are willing to let it flourish and grow.