A Spoiler-Free Review From A Childhood Batman Fan

I cannot rave enough about this film!

If you don’t know what film I am talking about, please refer to the title and read on. I will tell you why you should watch this film. The first comic book I picked up was a Batman comic, courtesy of my brother, and while I am very much a marvel fan, ironically enough, DC was where my love began.

Now, I will be honest: When I heard Robert Pattinson was being cast as the iconic gruff-voiced vigilante, I had my doubts, mainly because I grew up on Twilight and I could only see those amber eyes whilst hearing the haunting sentence involving “spider monkey”—you know which one I mean. But at the same time, I had watched his other projects and could see the makings of a fantastic actor (please watch The Lighthouse).

It’s the trailer that finally sold me. It was dark and noir-esque, and just like that, I was sold. I walked into the midnight screening of The Batman with high hopes, and I was not disappointed.

Firstly, the cast holds up. There is not one weak link. Dano as The Riddler is menacingly pleasing every time he is on screen, almost as if he is taking up all the air in the room and you are trying to breathe, while Kravitz brings in the emotional turmoil of the story, making her scenes palpable with tension and chemistry. Ferrell shines as Penguin, bringing a fresh, new, realistic take to the usually comical character, and of course, Pattinson shows he is here to stay when it comes to the new generation of Hollywood heavyweights.

It goes back to the gritty, dark Batman I think every fan knows and loves. The Batman we grew up with. Gotham is back in its darkest form, from the crime-infested upper levels to its corrupt underbelly.

While there are some pacing issues, I will say that as the story begins to feel like it’s running out of steam, it drags you right back and puts you back in the action.

I think that’s all I can say without going into spoilers. Go and watch The Batman. You will not regret it!