A Woman On TikTok Destroyed A Guy Who Thought True Crime Was ‘Creepy’

This guy asks, why are people so obsessed with true crime?

“You’re looking at women’s obsession with true crimes as the perpetrator of the crimes. We are looking at true crimes as the victims of the crimes.” TitToker @kellygreen802 explains in a video stitch with @chancejterry where he poses the question – “Why are the majority of you soaking up the knowledge of how to kill and dispose of a body?”

She delivers the perfect answer.

Kelly went on to say in her response, “You’re talking about how knowledge is utilitarian, why are we learning how to kill people and hide the body? We’re not.” She went on to explain the things she has learned from watching true crimes.

Take-Away Lessons

“Ted Bundy pretended to be injured to lure women into helping him and then he killed them.”

“I learned if your arms are cut off and you’re dumped in a ravine, you can make packs to stop the blood with dirt from the ground and then crawl your way out of the ravine.”

“I’ve learned trying to endear yourself to an attacker or kidnapper will make them be nicer to you.”

A Final Thought

Kelly’s final thought on the subject, and a strong message – “Men and women live in very different worlds. We’re trying to survive it.”