According To Astrology, We’re About To Enter The Era Of Cryptocurrency

Uranus, the electric ruling planet of Aquarius, promises reform—it brings re-imaginings and upgrades to the dealings of whatever zodiac sign it occupies. Right now, this planetary arbiter of change and technology is moving through earthy Taurus, the sign associated with money. This placement can quite plainly indicate a reform of currency, a change to the way money functions, and how things are valued. 

In fact, just a few months prior to the ingress of Uranus into Taurus in 2018, we saw a dramatic rise in the value of Bitcoin. Some thought it a fluke, or as simply too risky to invest in. The rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs hasn’t slowed down, however, and many who once had few assets have now gained quite a bit, thanks to this new technology. They were the ones willing to trust in the potential of the new — at first, such people may have been seen as fringe or strange, but are now envied as visionaries, in true Uranian fashion! 

Indeed, we are seeing the beginning of the “legitimization” of cryptocurrency now, yet even at this point in time, not everyone looks on cryptocurrencies favorably, largely because they are new, not well understood, and immaterial in nature. As with all truly cutting-edge technologies, there has been some resistance on the part of the average person toward crypto. Change can come across as threatening or upsetting, but we all understand it to be inevitable as well.

In 2008, Pluto entered Capricorn. The Great Recession hit, and Bitcoin was introduced just a few months after. Astrologically, Pluto can represent a force of destruction, elimination, or transformation. Capricorn is a sign concerned with structure, tradition, and authority. We have seen lots of upheaval in the Pluto in Capricorn era, especially with regard to how structures and norms changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we get closer to Pluto’s ingress into egalitarian Aquarius in the Spring of 2023, we will see continued shifts in the economy and how people manage their assets. 

As Aquarius is the archetypal Rebel, we will likely see the rise of the individual versus the collective (government) in some form. Blockchain technology enables faster, more transparent, and more secure transactions. The rise of this kind of technology promises to eventually eliminate the need for any centralized authority or middleman, which will be crucial in terms of changing the way we do business!

Disclaimer: The above information should not be considered financial advice. All writings are the opinion of the author and are for entertainment purposes.