group of friends on stairs

An Incomplete List Of Green Flags

Inspired by some of the wonderful people in my life (and those I still hope to meet)

  1. People who tell tough truths in gentle ways
  2. The little-things-oriented
  3. Big picture thinkers
  4. Dreamers
  5. Deep feelers
  6. Old souls
  7. Young spirits
  8. Goofballs
  9. Those who don’t make you choose between what’s right for you and most convenient for them
  10. The person who listens to understand, not just waiting for their turn to speak
  11. The ones you can share comfortable silences with
  12. Loud laughers
  13. Quiet good-doers
  14. Humans who can admit when they’re wrong (or don’t know the answer to something)
  15. Folks who truly understand their privilege
  16. People who aren’t afraid to take the last slice of pizza
  17. The friends who make you forget your phone
  18. Anyone who reminds you lovely things still exist