woman driving
Bakir Custovic

An Incomplete List Of Some Of The Best Feelings

Opening the door to your warm apartment after walking in late January air.

Running into a hug from your friend at the airport.

Package delivery (you know it’s true).

The exhale of resolution.

When your friend admits she doesn’t want to go out either.

When someone accepts your apology or you hear “sorry” when you thought it would never be said.

Sending the risky text and getting an even riskier reply.

When the dog chooses you at the party.

Meeting up with an old friend but it’s like no time has passed.

Finding your keys after you had been looking for 20 minutes and were about to lose your mind.

A long-awaited cry.

The first sip of coffee in the morning.

When you listen to a new song and the lyrics were exactly what you needed to hear at that moment in time.

Laughing fits.

When you think of the damn word that had been dancing on the edge of your tongue.

Walking to your car after an amazing first date.

When your school finally called the snow day.

Seeing your loved ones become all they wanted to be.

Unspoken understanding.

Drunken dancing.

Comfortably silent car rides.

Finishing a book and needing to sit with it for a few minutes afterward because it was just that good.

Realizing that everything you have is what younger you once wanted and knowing how proud they’d be to see you made it. That you turned out okay after all.