An Open Letter To The Courageous Souls Who Quit Their Unfulfilling Jobs

You just took a big leap of quitting your job.

Congratulate yourself. Whether you have a plan or not, congratulations, because you did something most people can’t do.

You took a bet on yourself.

I bet it was a scary decision to make. You don’t know how you’ll be. You don’t know what you’ll do. Or maybe, you have a vague idea, but you aren’t sure yet. But you also know that you made the right decision.

You get to trust yourself.

I know that making the hard decision meant that you trust yourself enough. You trust your capabilities. You trust your gut. You trust that things will work out. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have done it.

You did the radical act of self-love.

When you no longer allow yourself in a situation where your soul gets sucked, or worse, let others lose your dignity. You decide to take charge of your situation. You are telling the universe that you’ve had enough. You are no longer tolerating the awful things that have happened to you.

You’re heading to the unknown.

You and I both know that the unknown is a scary world. This is why most people avoid it. They’d rather be certain and unhappy than be scared. But I know that every time you took a chance into the unknown, it was for the better. You learned something new about yourself, about the world around you, and that’s the most important thing.

You will be okay.

The reason you were scared of making the decision was because of uncertainty. But at the end of the day, you want to know from the future whether you’ll be okay. And as long as you do good things and do your best, you’ll be okay. You’ll struggle, of course. But those struggles are what make the high experiences worth it.

Be proud that you were able to do such a courageous thing.