Big Three Astrology Calculator

What are the big three in astrology? We’ll explore the meaning behind the big three and provide a way to output with a sun, moon, and rising sign calculator.

What’s your sign? We all recognize this popular, fun ice breaker chatted about at many parties and social gatherings. Almost everyone is excited to chime in about their Sun sign. However, there is a far more interesting question to ask. This inquiry carries more accurate insight. What’s your big three?

Your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are your big three in astrology. These placements correspond to core features of your personality and life. Your Sun sign is what the everyday person identifies as. But the Moon and Rising signs get overlooked all too often. Considering these three elements of yourself or others takes your social life to the next level.

Big Three Astrology Calculator

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The Sun

Your Sun sign is representative of your core identity on a conscious level. The more you embrace what makes you feel confident and strong, the more you resonate with your Sun sign. A balanced, strong sense of self is needed. Not all ego is bad. Who you want to be and what you like in others personalities is correlated with your Sun. In this realm, you value individuality. In Solar energy lives how you stand out and grow.

Sun Sign Personalities Profiles

The Moon

However, your Moon contrasts. Your moon sign represents your natural disposition, often on a subconscious level. The Moon represents how you were nurtured and raised by maternal figures or mothers as a child. Therefore, Lunar energy is how we respond to the world around us emotionally. It is our knee-jerk reaction. How we feel loved and naturally show love. While the Sun shows how you grow into confidence, the Moon is your roots. The Moon has abstract emotional needs.

Moon Sign Traits

Moon SignPersonality Traits
AriesEnergetic, bold
TaurusMethodical, traditional
GeminiMagnetic, talkative
CancerSerene, tranquil
LeoAuthoritative, visionary
VirgoDriven, committed
LibraBalanced, captivating
ScorpioLoyal, unique
SagittariusSupportive, agreeable
CapricornResponsive, daring
AquariusEnvious, observant
PiscesAffectionate, loving

The Rising or Ascendant 

Your Rising represents the life path the Universe urges you to walk. Your Sun sign is who you want to become, and the Moon sign is who you are deep down. But your Rising sign is your destiny. Also known as your Ascendant, pay attention to its wisdom. The sign of your rising sign showcases your lived experience. Core lessons to spiritually master in your lifetime lie here.

Rising Sign Traits

Rising SignAssociated Character Traits
AriesFierce, devoted
TaurusSharp, diligent, persistent
GeminiVivid, truthful
CancerGenuine, expressive
LeoIntense, bold
VirgoModest, meticulous
LibraWarm, sociable
ScorpioInnovative, brave, intense
SagittariusHopeful, creative, lively
CapricornPowerful, unyielding
AquariusImaginative, forward-thinking
PiscesSoft, accepting, patient

Putting It Into Practice

Putting it into practice, it’s time to cover an example of analyzing someone’s big three.

Say someone asks, “What’s your big three?”. Another responds  “I’m a Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, and Cancer Rising”. 

Starting with the Sun sign, we know then that they find confidence when they step into Pisces Sun energy: being compassionate, artistic, spiritual, or navigating healing energy. 

However, deep down, they process their emotions like a Gemini Moon: cerebrally, through intellectualism, research, and curious approaches. 

Life will continue to push them towards their Cancer Rising. Cancerian lessons around family, belonging, and intuition will continually come up in their lifetime.